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Convenience Store in Singapore: “Cheers”

Just like in South Korea, 24-hour convenience stores are easily found in Singapore. In addition to familiar stores like “7-Eleven,” there are local convenience stores unique to Singapore.

“Cheers, Established Since 1998”

Cheers, a convenience store, opened its doors in 1998, introducing 24-hour operations. Since then, it has steadily expanded, growing into a convenience store chain with 160 locations. Now, you can even find Cheers at Changi International Airport, a gateway to Singapore.

“Products Offered at Cheers”

The products offered at Cheers are not significantly different from other convenience stores. They provide simple snacks, beverages, and other convenience items.

In particular, the Cheers at Changi International Airport is well-known for travelers purchasing “SIM cards.” If you plan to buy a SIM card locally instead of getting one in advance, visiting Cheers to purchase a SIM card and access the internet is a good idea.

“British English ‘Cheers'”

The word “Cheers” is commonly used in a drinking context, meaning “to toast.” However, in British English, it’s also used differently.

In British English, “Cheers” can be used as a substitute for “Thank you.” So, it carries the meaning of expressing gratitude.

Therefore, the meaning of this brand could be seen as “ambiguous.” It can be used to express gratitude, and at the same time, it holds a dual meaning of “Let’s celebrate” in a lively context.

Here we’ve explored information about Cheers, a local convenience store in Singapore. While traveling in Singapore, visiting such local shops unique to the region could add an interesting touch to your experience.

“Singapore Local Convenience Store, Cheers”