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Singapore’s Largest Natural Park, Botanic Gardens”

The Botanic Gardens in Singapore is the largest natural park in Singapore, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its botanical gardens. Established in 1859, the Botanic Gardens predates Singapore’s independence from Malaysia in 1965, making it older than the nation itself.

With a history spanning over 150 years, this park showcases a variety of plants and animals, harmonizing artificial structures with nature.

“A Day Exploring Singapore’s Largest and Second-Largest Parks”

The Botanic Gardens hold the distinction of being Singapore’s largest park, while Fort Canning Park, nicknamed the “Central Park of Singapore,” is the second-largest. Due to an unintentional itinerary, I found myself walking through these two extensive parks in a single day, presenting a physically challenging but rewarding experience.

Visitors should exercise caution when exploring the Botanic Gardens. Given its substantial size, stepping in could mean facing a situation where a minimum of 2-3 hours of walking is required. In fact, it takes about 7 hours to fully explore the entire Botanic Gardens. Attempting to cover this expansive park in one day is no easy task.

“How to Get to Singapore’s Botanic Gardens”

Getting to the Botanic Gardens in Singapore is relatively easy, whether by using the MRT (subway) or taking a bus. I entered the Botanic Gardens via MRT and returned to the hotel using a bus. The gardens have multiple entrances; accessing the northern part of the Botanic Gardens is convenient from the MRT station, while entering from the south is possible by taking a bus.

To reach the Botanic Gardens via MRT, use the yellow and blue lines at the “Botanic Gardens” station. The yellow line represents the Circle Line, which is currently not connected in a complete loop. The blue line is the Downtown Line.

When taking the bus to the Botanic Gardens, using the “Google Maps” application is recommended. Depending on your departure location, you can check various bus routes. However, be cautious, as Singapore’s buses do not provide announcements, so checking the map or informing the bus driver that you wish to alight at the Botanic Gardens is necessary.

“Exploring the Expansive Botanic Gardens in a Single Day”

As previously mentioned, the Botanic Gardens are so vast that covering them in a single day is a challenging feat. Spanning an impressive 220,000 square meters, exploring only a portion of the gardens requires several hours. The maze-like structure of the Botanic Gardens often led me to revisit places multiple times, significantly extending the time spent. Regularly checking the map and ensuring I was headed in the desired direction proved crucial during my exploration.

“Unique Charms Found Throughout the Park”

Due to its extensive size, the Botanic Gardens offer diverse and distinctive atmospheres throughout. The park can be described as a natural wonderland, boasting various colors in its flora.

A particularly impressive aspect of the Botanic Gardens is the harmonious coexistence of different plants and animals. I observed various animals throughout the park, and witnessing them seamlessly navigate their surroundings, even with people passing by, reinforced the idea that this park is truly eco-friendly.

“Ponds Scattered Throughout the Park”

Given its long history, the park is home to many mature trees, some with significant historical value. It’s common to see trees that have stood for centuries, silently witnessing the passage of time.

“Bandstand in the Botanic Gardens”

The Botanic Gardens feature various artificial structures that blend seamlessly with nature. One such structure is the “Bandstand,” which, due to its unique beauty, is a popular location for wedding photoshoots among Singaporeans. The Bandstand is known for hosting occasional concerts.

“Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage”

Within the Botanic Gardens, there is a special performance venue called the “Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage.” On the day of my visit, a performance happened to be taking place. This unexpected opportunity allowed me to enjoy a live performance within the Botanic Gardens.

Near the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage, I also observed people engaged in a yoga photoshoot. A photographer and a yoga couple were capturing unique moments amid the serene surroundings.

Thus far, we have explored Singapore’s largest botanical park, the “Botanic Gardens.” Given its considerable size, visiting this park can be time-consuming, but for those seeking a natural and harmonious experience, it is well worth the visit.

On the day of my visit, the weather was humid, likely due to intermittent rain. If the weather had been slightly better, exploring the park without significant exertion would have been possible. Despite the rain, the temperature was not uncomfortably high.

“Singapore’s Largest Natural Park, Botanic Gardens”

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