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Singapore Taxi App ‘Uber’

In Singapore, you can utilize one of the world’s renowned taxi apps, ‘Uber,’ providing an additional transportation option compared to South Korea.

Moreover, Singapore offers another taxi service similar to Uber called ‘Grab,’ often considered the Southeast Asian version of Uber.

“More Convenient Than Taxis: Uber”

Uber operates as a service allowing you to summon a transportation vehicle similar to a taxi through its application, making it notably convenient.

By inputting your desired destination, nearby Uber drivers are directed to your location, resembling a reservation taxi service. Using this app, you can view information about the Uber driver, check reviews, and even estimate the fare to your destination. This simplicity and transparency make Uber more straightforward and secure than Singapore’s traditional taxis.

This ease of use could prove especially advantageous compared to Singaporean taxis, which have various surcharges, making it challenging for non-locals to estimate the total taxi fare accurately.

“Uber’s Added Convenience: Another Reason”

There’s an additional reason why Uber is more convenient than taxis in Singapore. Unlike Singaporean taxis, which require you to go to designated stands in downtown areas, Uber automatically comes to your location. This means you can easily use Uber without having to travel far to find a designated taxi stand.

“Utilizing Uber from Robertson Quay to Sentosa”

I also used Uber when traveling from Robertson Quay to Sentosa in Singapore. During that trip, significant events occurred, such as the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and the imminent impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye. Additionally, tensions between China and other nations escalated due to the deployment of the THAAD missile defense system.

Taxi drivers and Uber drivers were interested in these political events. The taxi driver asked me where I came from, and when I replied that I came from Korea, both taxi and Uber drivers consistently questioned me about these political matters. This experience added another unique memory to my Singapore journey.

In conclusion, we’ve explored ‘Uber,’ another transportation option available in Singapore. Opting for Uber over traditional taxis or choosing ‘Grab’ over Uber might prove more beneficial when navigating Singapore’s transportation system.

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