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Singapore Subway MRT Ticket: Standard Ticket

When using Singapore’s subway, the “MRT,” there are three main cards available: Standard Ticket, EZ-Link, and Tourist Card.

  1. MRT Standard Card : Singapore Subway MRT Ticket: Standard Ticket
  2. EZ-Link Card : Singapore, Reloadable Transport Card ‘EZ-Link’
  3. Tourist Pass : Singapore, Unlimited Travel Card for Tourists ‘Tourist Card’

Let’s take a closer look at the Standard Ticket this time.

“A Subway Ticket That Can Be Used Up to 6 Times: Standard Ticket”

The Standard Ticket gives the impression of a one-time subway ticket, but in Singapore, there are no single-use tickets. With the Standard Ticket, you can use it up to six times, and the more you use it, the more benefits you get with discounted fares.

After three uses, a 10-cent deposit is refunded, and after six uses, an additional 10 cents is discounted.

“Tickets Usable on MRT”

The Standard Card is only valid on MRT. It is not integrated when transferring from the subway to the bus, so separate payment is required when taking the bus, possibly in cash.

This is the most significant difference between the Standard Ticket and the EZ-Link and Tourist Cards.

“Purchase and Top-Up Method for Standard Ticket”

You can purchase and top up the Standard Ticket at vending machines at each MRT station. The process is relatively straightforward.

Select the desired station on the machine as instructed, make the payment, and then tag in at the gantry before boarding the subway. Upon exiting, tag out at the gantry again. This system is quite similar to subway systems in South Korea, so there’s no need to worry. The Standard Ticket is the most basic card to use when boarding the Singapore subway, and you can easily purchase it from vending machines at each station.