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Singapore Subway: MRT, LRT

Similar to South Korea, Singapore has a well-developed subway system. Just like in Korea, you can use the subway to travel from Changi International Airport to the city center.

The subway in Singapore is referred to as “MRT” or “LRT.” “MRT” is mainly found in the city center, while “LRT” represents relatively outer routes, corresponding to the concepts of a subway and light rail transit.

“MRT: Mass Rapid Transit”

Singapore’s MRT stands for “Mass Rapid Transit,” roughly translating to “대량 급행 운송” in Korean.

“LRT” stands for “Light Rail Transit,” which can be thought of as a “경전철” in Korean.

“Exploring Singapore’s Tourist Spots with MRT”

MRT allows you to reach most of Singapore’s tourist spots. It connects Changi International Airport to the iconic Marina Bay and even extends to Sentosa. When exploring Singapore independently, planning your route using MRT covers almost all locations.

“Caution When Using MRT from Changi Airport to the City Center”

When traveling from Changi Airport to the city center using MRT, be cautious. After boarding at Changi Airport, you must alight at the second station, “Tanah Merah,” to transfer to a new line.

Upon alighting, be aware that both sides of the train doors open. One side leads to the “Pasir Ris” direction (Platform 1), and the other to the “City” direction (Platform 2). Choosing the wrong side may take you in the opposite direction, so be cautious and confirm the direction before alighting.

In a scene from the TV show “Battle Trip,” there’s an instance where the host, Sangmin Lee, fails to transfer here, resulting in a round-trip between the airport and this station.

“Three Transport Cards for MRT”

There are three types of transport cards for MRT:

  1. MRT Standard Card : Singapore Subway MRT Ticket: Standard Ticket
  2. EZ-Link Card : Singapore, Reloadable Transport Card ‘EZ-Link’
  3. Tourist Pass : Singapore, Unlimited Travel Card for Tourists ‘Tourist Card’

The Standard Card is reusable up to six times, differing from one-time-use tickets in Korea. The EZ-Link Card is rechargeable and functions similarly to Korea’s T-money card. The Tourist Pass provides unlimited public transportation for 1-3 days.

“Singapore Subway, MRT, LRT”