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Singapore Shopping Tax Refund “GST Refund”

Singapore not only offers a variety of attractions, food, and entertainment but is also renowned as a prime destination for shopping enthusiasts. Many people who love shopping prefer traveling to Singapore.

One of the reasons why shopping in Singapore is appealing is the opportunity to find quality items at reasonable prices. Additionally, being a duty-free country, Singapore allows for a 7% tax refund on eligible purchases.

“Singapore Shopping Tax GST (Goods and Service Tax)”

Goods in Singapore incur a tax known as “GST.” This tax amounts to approximately 7% of the product price. GST, standing for “Goods and Service Tax,” can be refunded at Changi Airport upon meeting specific conditions.

“Receiving a 7% Tax Refund with GST Refund”

GST is applicable at all stores marked with “Tax Free Shopping.” There are two types of GST: “Global Blue” and “Premier TAX Free,” but the refund procedures do not significantly differ between them. To receive a GST refund, make a purchase exceeding 100 Singapore dollars at a store displaying the “Tax Free Shopping” sign. Ensure to retain the “Refund Cheque” received during payment.

“Premier TAX Free allows combining receipts for items under 100 dollars, purchased on the same day.”

In some cases, specific items may not exceed 100 dollars individually. In such instances, for purchases made at “Premier TAX Free,” receipts for items bought on the same day can be combined for a refund.

“Procedure for Receiving GST Refund”

Follow these steps to process the GST refund:

  1. Request a “Global Refund Cheque” when making a purchase at a store with the “Tax Free Shopping” mark.
  2. Have your passport ready; it may be required.
  3. Upon arrival at the airport, check the GST refund counter.
  4. Before checking in luggage on the departure day, show the purchased item’s receipt, passport, and flight ticket at the GST refund counter.
  5. As you need to present the items eligible for tax refund, keep them separate.
  6. After completing departure procedures, collect the refund amount at the GST refund counter.
  7. After verifying the receipt and items, finish airline check-in and departure procedures, enter the duty-free zone, and return to the “GST Refund” counter.
  8. There are two counters: “Global Blue” and “Premier TAX Free.” Choose the appropriate one and submit the required documents.
  9. Receive the refund in Singapore dollars or via credit card.

“Global Blue allows for downtown refunds.”

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of “GST Refund.” With “Global Blue,” you can receive refunds at a downtown cash refund center without going to the airport. With “Global Blue,” you can use the refunded amount for further shopping or other travel-related expenses.

“GST Refund Regulations”

Lastly, let’s briefly summarize the “GST Refund Regulations” in Singapore. While most travelers are unlikely to encounter situations where they cannot receive a GST refund, it’s good to be aware of the regulations:

  • Not a Singapore citizen or a long-term resident of Singapore.
  • At least 16 years old at the time of purchase.
  • Stayed in Singapore for 365 days or less in the 24 months before the last purchase date.
  • Did not work in Singapore six months before the purchase date.
  • Purchased items worth 100 dollars or more (you can combine three receipts only if they are from the same seller with the same GST number).
  • Not departing as a crew member.
  • Submitted GST receipts to Singapore Customs within 60 days of purchase and will leave Singapore within 60 days.
  • Left Singapore within 12 hours after receiving the GST refund from Singapore Customs.

Here, we’ve summarized information about the “GST Refund” for shopping in Singapore. 

“Singapore Shopping Tax Refund, GST Refund”