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Singapore Currency, Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Every country has its own official currency. In Korea, we use the “Won,” while the United States uses the “Dollar.” The United Kingdom uses the “Pound,” Europe uses the “Euro,” Japan uses the “Yen,” and China uses the “Yuan.”

Among Asian countries, Hong Kong and Singapore use the “Dollar,” but it’s a distinct dollar different from the U.S. dollar. Hong Kong’s dollar is called the “Hong Kong Dollar (HKD),” and Singapore’s dollar is known as the “Singapore Dollar (SGD).”

“Singapore Currency, Singapore Dollar (SGD)”

The official currency unit in Singapore is the Singapore Dollar. It is commonly abbreviated as “SingDollar,” and the English symbol is “SGD,” representing the Singapore Dollar.

“Singapore Dollar with the Portrait of the Singapore President”

Singapore has both banknotes and coins, but banknotes are more commonly used. Banknotes are available in denominations ranging from “2 dollars” to “10,000 dollars,” increasing in units of 2/5/10/20/50/100 dollars.

The portrait on the Singapore banknotes features the first President of Singapore, Yusof Bin Ishak. Banknotes are color-coded based on denomination, and their sizes also differ. Banknotes from 2 to 20 dollars have a “plastic feel,” while those above 50 dollars have a more traditional “paper feel.”

“Coins of the Singapore Dollar”

Coins are available in denominations of “1/5/10/20/50/100 cents.” Although there is a 1-cent coin, it’s rare to see it used in Singapore. Generally, denominations less than 10 cents are often rounded off.

While 5-cent coins are not commonly seen, they do exist. The 1-dollar coin, on the other hand, is noticeably sturdy and well-crafted compared to other coins.

Here, we’ve briefly explored information about the currency in Singapore. I hope this proves helpful for your trip to Singapore.