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Singapore, Jurong Bird Park – “Waterfall Aviary”

In the western outskirts of Singapore, in the region known as “Jurong,” there lies “Asia’s Largest Avian Park.” Spanning a whopping 200,000 square meters, Jurong Bird Park, established in 1971, is a bird sanctuary showcasing over 5,000 birds of 400 species gathered from around the world.

A Park Offering Close Encounters with Diverse Birds

At Jurong Bird Park in Singapore, diverse birds can be encountered up close. Some birds appear comfortable and nonchalant as visitors approach, while others exhibit curiosity and come closer when people are nearby, creating a unique atmosphere in this special park.

The scale of Jurong Bird Park is considerable, making it challenging to explore every corner. However, one noteworthy area worth mentioning is the “Waterfall Aviary.” Let’s delve into the story of this particular location.

“Waterfall Aviary” at Jurong Bird Park

Among the various sections of Jurong Bird Park, the most impressive location is the “Waterfall Aviary.” This area is a unique space where an entire section is transformed into a large aviary, encompassing an entire forest.

Observing a Variety of Birds up Close in the Waterfall Aviary

Upon entering the Waterfall Aviary, a plethora of birds can be observed throughout. Particularly impressive is how the birds remain unfazed even when people are present, exuding a casual and calm demeanor. It creates an intriguing atmosphere, as if the birds coexist naturally with humans.

Walking side by side with the birds, witnessing them drink water up close, or glimpsing large birds resting nearby adds to the unique charm of this place.

Initially, the nonchalant reactions of these large birds to people might invoke a sense of unease, but with time, the author found themselves naturally accepting and appreciating these interactions.

Admiring the Spectacular Waterfall in the Waterfall Aviary

True to its name, the Waterfall Aviary features a captivating waterfall within the aviary. The scenic fusion of the waterfall with the surroundings makes it a particularly memorable space within Jurong Bird Park.

“Jurong Bird Park, Waterfall Aviary”