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Singapore, Asia’s Largest Avian Park – Jurong Bird Park

Situated in the western part of Singapore, the Jurong area is quite distant from the city center, providing a scenic contrast to urban landscapes.

Despite being a city-state, Singapore boasts nature-friendly parks and zoos. Jurong Bird Park stands out as a unique and special nature-centric park in Singapore.

“Asia’s Largest Avian Park – Jurong Bird Park”

Located west of Singapore’s city center in the Jurong area is the “largest avian park in Asia.” This expansive park covers a whopping 200,000 square meters. Established in 1971, Jurong Bird Park showcases over 5,000 birds from 400 species collected worldwide.

“Observing Birds in Their Natural Habitat, Not Just Cages”

Unlike typical zoos, Singapore offers a unique experience with parks like Jurong Bird Park, aptly named the “Bird Park.” Here, you can witness birds freely soaring within the park rather than being confined. While certain birds like eagles are visible only in enclosures for safety reasons, the majority roam freely.

“How to Reach Jurong Bird Park from Singapore’s City Center”

Jurong Bird Park is somewhat distant from the city center, making it less accessible for novice travelers. However, using the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system and buses provides a feasible way to reach the park.

Considering the distance from the city, the commute via bus and subway takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. Opting for a taxi shortens the journey to about 20 minutes, making it a preferred choice for those with time constraints.

“Traveling by Bus & Subway”

For those using buses and subways, take the green line of the East West Line (EWL). Head in the direction of “Joo Koon,” disembark at “Boon Lay” station, and board the bus to Jurong Bird Park.

However, due to a misunderstanding, the author alighted at “Joo Koon” instead of “Boon Lay,” resulting in a considerable delay and eventually resorting to a taxi for transportation.

“10% Discount with Singapore Airlines Tickets”

In Singapore, many establishments offer discounts with Singapore Airlines tickets. Jurong Bird Park is no exception, providing a 10% discount upon presenting a Singapore Airlines boarding pass.

With the discount, the author paid 30 Singapore dollars for both admission and the park’s tour train ticket, roughly equivalent to 24,000 Korean won.

“Jurong Bird Park’s Tour Train”

Purchasing the park entry along with the tour train ticket allows passengers to hop on and off at various stops. This concept resembles a free pass, enabling visitors to explore preferred areas. While the park is extensive, using the train to navigate and alighting at desired locations is advisable. However, the author, in a less informed move, circled the entire park on the train initially and explored on foot afterward.

“Diverse Performances at Jurong Bird Park”

Jurong Bird Park offers various bird-related programs and performances, such as:

    1. Time: Daily at 11:00 / 15:00
    2. Description: Enjoy a captivating performance by birds, including parrots and flamingos, as they put balls into trees, traverse hula hoops, and entertain visitors with various antics.
    1. Time: Daily at 10:00 / 16:00
    2. Description: A show featuring birds of prey such as eagles, vultures, and owls.
    1. Time: Daily from 12:00 to 14:00
    2. Description: A special performance where visitors can have lunch alongside parrots.
  4. FEEDING SESSIONS (Bird Meet-ups)
    1. Parrot Meet-up
      1. Time: 8:30 – 18:00
      2. Location: LORY LOFT
    2. Bird Meet-up
      1. Time: 10:30 / 14:30
      2. Location: WATERFALL AVIARY
    3. Meeting Penguins
      1. Time: 10:30 / 15:30
      2. Location: PENGUIN COAST
    4. Chit-chat with Hornbills and Toucans
      1. Time: 11:45
      2. Location: HORNBILL & TOUCAN
    5. Meet-up with Flamingos (Available on weekends and public holidays)
      1. Time: 13:30
      2. Location: FLAMINGO POOL
    6. Meet-up with Ostriches
      1. Time: 13:40
    7. Meet-up with Pelicans
      1. Time: 14:00
      2. Location: PELICAN COAST

Various bird-related programs are available, and although the author initially couldn’t participate in other programs, an unexpected encounter with the “Lunch with Parrots” program allowed on-the-spot participation. The participation cost was SGD 20, approximately 16,000 KRW, which covered a buffet lunch with parrots and free access to the parrot performance. Details about the lunch with parrots will be explored in the following text.

“Jurong Bird Park Details”