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Singapore, Asia’s Largest Shopping Street: Orchard Road

One can consider “Orchard Road” as one of the focal points in Singapore, often regarded as the central area for travelers. This location shares a striking resemblance to Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea, creating a sense reminiscent of our country’s Gangnam.

The reason it’s called Orchard Road is that it used to be a place with orchards in the past. However, now all the orchards have disappeared, and the area has transformed into a place with high-rise buildings following urban planning.

“Similar to Seoul’s Gangnam, Singapore’s Orchard Road”

Singapore’s Orchard Road bears a significant resemblance to Gangnam in Seoul, much like how Gangnam underwent planned development led by the government, revealing a completely transformed appearance.

While Orchard Road was abundant with orchards until the 19th century, it underwent a complete transformation in the 1970s according to urban planning.

“Diverse Shopping Malls on Singapore’s Orchard Road”

The current Orchard Road has become a street filled with shopping malls due to planned development. The street is lined with large shopping malls and sophisticated buildings on both sides of the main road, transforming into a place similar to South Korea’s Gangnam Boulevard. It feels like walking between Gangnam and Sinnonhyeon stations in Seoul.

As you can explore various large shopping malls, Orchard Road is well-known for shopping. For those who love shopping, spending time only on Orchard Road might be enough to make the trip enjoyable.

“Top 5 Shopping Malls on Orchard Road”

There are various shopping malls on Orchard Road, and among them, five malls are particularly popular. Below are the top 5 shopping malls on Orchard Road:

  1. ION Orchard
  2. Ngee An City: Takashimaya
  3. 313@Somerset
  4. Orchard Central
  5. Mandarin Gallery

Among these, ION Orchard, although the newest, is the most popular. Especially, on the 55th floor, it operates a free observation deck, allowing you to enjoy the view of Singapore for free.

“Library Inside Singapore’s Shopping Mall”

An interesting facility you can find on Orchard Road is the “Orchard Library.” It’s a library inside a typical shopping mall building, occupying two floors within the mall. The Orchard Library draws inspiration from South Korea’s Starfield Library in COEX.

“Experiencing Peranakan Culture on Emerald Hill”

On Orchard Road, there are more things to explore than just shopping malls. One prominent example is “Emerald Hill,” where you can experience “Peranakan culture.” Peranakan refers to a culture formed by the fusion of local and foreign cultures. At Emerald Hill, you can taste Peranakan architecture and cuisine, making it another attraction on Orchard Road.

Here, we’ve explored “Orchard Road,” Singapore’s largest shopping street. Its development from orchards is quite similar to the development of Gangnam in Seoul, both in terms of the development site and timing. The atmosphere of the fully developed street is also quite similar, making Orchard Road an excellent destination for shopping in Singapore. Even if you don’t enjoy shopping, comparing it once to Gangnam in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, while walking could be interesting.

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