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Sinchon Hyundai Department Store UPLEX Bookstore ‘Arc & Book’

Arc & Book is a new type of urban cultural space that combines books with lifestyle. Based on four themes: ‘Daily, Weekend, Style, Inspiration’, it meticulously selects and displays books and products, offering visitors a diverse lifestyle.

The signature feature of ‘Arc & Book’ is its arch-shaped interior structure. The arch, which creates space even with heavy materials defying gravity, not only serves as a structural element but also embodies a beautiful form. Before modern times, humans frequently used the arch shape to create sacred or symbolic spaces.

From Rome’s Pantheon to Korea’s Seokguram, the arch, a fundamental shape, allows one to experience the essence of space. It plays a crucial role as a gateway connecting outdoor and indoor spaces in cities. At Arc & Book, the bookstore’s arch, which the establishment embraces, is expressed through a striking form.

“A Bookstore Found in the Bustling District”

Bookstores can be found in various bustling areas, including Sinchon, which is one of Seoul’s representative lively districts.

In Sinchon, a bookstore named ‘Arc & Book’ has set up shop. With the renovation of Hyundai Department Store UPLEX, Arc & Book now occupies the top floor, the 12th floor.

“Seoul Sinchon: 12th Floor Arc & Book at Hyundai Department Store UPLEX”

Arc & Book is located on the 12th floor of Hyundai Department Store UPLEX, which is also the highest floor of the building. Therefore, it is situated in a place where you can naturally enjoy a splendid view.

On the same floor, there is a small café called ‘Tongin-dong Coffee Workshop’, and the view of Seoul from here has a distinctive atmosphere. Thanks to this, Tongin-dong Coffee Workshop is a café that people visit not only for coffee but also to appreciate the view.

“A Neat Atmosphere: Arc & Book in Sinchon”

Arc & Book in Sinchon exudes a nostalgic atmosphere, much like other Arc & Book branches. The use of arches in the architectural structure adds a touch of nostalgia and elegance. It gives off the feeling of being in an old-fashioned theater.

“A Variety of Books & Goods”

As a bookstore, the main products you would expect are books. Arc & Book, which is carving out its place as the third major bookstore alongside ‘Kyobo Bookstore’ and ‘Youngpoong Bookstore’, aims to convey special and valuable books through its own curation.

Furthermore, like other major bookstores, Arc & Book doesn’t only sell books. It’s also a place where you can find various goods. From diverse albums to unique accessories, it’s a place where you can enjoy not only browsing books but also exploring various items.

Hoping that Arc & Book, which is steadily expanding its presence as the third major bookstore alongside Kyobo Bookstore and Youngpoong Bookstore, will continue to grow as one of Korea’s leading bookstores. Especially noteworthy is its design utilizing arch structures, making it a place where you can appreciate not only books but also interior design.

“Seoul Sinchon Hyundai Department Store: Arc & Book”

  • Address: 12th Floor, Hyundai Department Store UPLEX, 13 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, 03789
  • Operating Hours: 10:30 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Phone Number: 0507-1349-1702