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Mongchontoseong Fortress & Olympic Park in Songpa, Seoul

The Olympic Park in Songpa, Seoul, is the largest park in the city. At one point, it held the title of the largest park in the country until the opening of Ulsan Grand Park in 2005, which surpassed it in size.

The Olympic Park was established to commemorate the 1988 Seoul Olympics. The construction, funded by the Seoul Metropolitan Government with a budget of 1.823 billion KRW, was completed in April 1986, and the park was opened to the public.

“Exploring Mongchontoseong with Olympic Park”

The Olympic Park is not just an ordinary park. It is also a site where relics from the Baekje period were excavated. During the construction of the Olympic Park, the discovery of the Mongchontoseong Fortress led to the decision to integrate the fortress with the park, allowing visitors to experience both the modern park and the historic Mongchontoseong.

“The Symbol of Olympic Park: Gate of Peace”

A prominent symbol of the Olympic Park is the Gate of Peace, which also serves as the main entrance. It was designed to resemble a dove in flight, symbolizing peace.

The Gate of Peace can be found when exiting from Exit 1 of Mongchontoseong (Gate of Peace) Station on Subway Line 8.

“Mongchontoseong Fortress”

Mongchontoseong Fortress is a historical site from the Baekje period. Records show that people settled and lived in this area during the Baekje period. The current Mongchontoseong naturally blends into the Olympic Park.

“Hanseong Baekje Museum”

You can also find the Hanseong Baekje Museum within the park. It displays artifacts discovered during the excavation of Mongchontoseong and covers the history related to the Baekje period.

The Olympic Park offers various sports facilities. In the eastern part of the park, you’ll find multiple gyms that have been repurposed into stadiums for specific sports.

“A Considerable-Sized Olympic Park”

Due to its size, it might not be easy to explore every corner on foot. Fortunately, cycling is allowed, and you can rent a public bike (Ddareungi) near the park. Renting a bike and leisurely exploring the park is also a great option.

Alternatively, if you prefer to stroll and take in the scenery at a relaxed pace, walking along the walking paths is also a pleasant experience.

Located in Jamsil, Songpa, Seoul, the Olympic Park is a spacious urban oasis where you can take a moment to unwind.

“Songpa, Seoul: Olympic Park”

  • Address: 424 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, 05540
  • Phone Number: 02-410-1114
  • Operating Hours: Daily 05:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Square Area: 5:00 AM – 12:00 AM)
  • Website: Link