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Seoul’s Jangseungbaegi Station Meat Restaurant: ‘Sopeumeun Dwaeji’

The area around Jangseungbaegi Station in Sangdo-dong, Seoul, can be described as a local commercial district frequented more by residents of the neighborhood than intentionally sought out by many. Due to the abundance of apartments nearby, you can find various restaurants that locals visit scattered around.

By chance, I found myself near Sangdo-dong and Jangseungbaegi Station, and decided to have dinner nearby. After exploring a few potential options, I ultimately settled on a restaurant named “Sopeumeun Dwaeji.”

“Seoul’s Jangseungbaegi Station Area Meat Restaurant: Sopeumeun Dwaeji”

As the name of the establishment, “Sopeumeun Dwaeji,” suggests, this is a restaurant that specializes in meat. They serve both pork and beef, offering menus like assorted pork and assorted beef. The prices range from 28,000 KRW to 52,000 KRW depending on the type and quantity of meat.

“A Clean and Tidy Atmosphere for a Meat Restaurant”

When you think of traditional meat restaurants, you might picture a somewhat rugged and lively atmosphere with a lot of grease. However, “Sopeumeun Dwaeji” exudes a considerably clean ambiance. Despite being a meat restaurant, it features an overall interior with white tones, which is a distinctive characteristic. As a result, it gives off a more upscale vibe compared to the typical meat restaurant.

“A Great Place to Enjoy a Delicious Meal”

Overall, the atmosphere is well-maintained, and looking at the menu, they offer sets where you can enjoy various cuts of meat. It’s a great place for family meals or a date night, making it a wonderful spot for those living near Jangseungbaegi Station.

“Seoul’s Sangdo-dong, Jangseungbaegi Station Area Meat Restaurant: Sopeumeun Dwaeji”

  • Address: 143 Sangdo-ro 15-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul (Postal Code: 06937)
  • Phone: 02-832-8292
  • Operating Hours: 11:30 AM – 11:00 PM