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Seoul Sindorim Figure Shop “Joy Hobby”

In the past, collecting figures was considered part of otaku culture, but recently, the atmosphere around figure collecting hobbies seems to have become more mainstream. Now, you can find stores selling figure-related products in various locations throughout Seoul, and shops selling goods related to comics and animation are gradually appearing.

Of course, compared to Japan, which can be considered the birthplace of figure collecting, the number of such shops in Seoul is still incomparable…

“Sindorim Figure Shop: JoyHobby”

You can also find a figure shop in Sindorim called JoyHobby. This store is located on the 3rd floor of Sindorim Techno Mart.

The Sindorim Techno Mart building is quite massive, and surprisingly, when you visit, you may find that the business isn’t doing very well. Upon visiting, you’ll notice that there are very few visitors, and there are many empty spaces, creating a somewhat desolate atmosphere.

JoyHobby can be found on the 3rd floor of Sindorim Techno Mart, and even on the 3rd floor, you can see that JoyHobby is situated in a spacious area.

“JoyHobby: Figures on Display from the Entrance”

JoyHobby is considered a figure specialty store, so from the entrance, you can see figures displayed. Various figures, including models of common cartoon characters from our childhood and military-related models, are showcased in glass display cases.

Especially noteworthy in such figure shops are Gundam models, and at JoyHobby, you can find large Gundam models as well. Of course, once inside, you can find a variety of models beyond Gundam.

“A Focus on Military Figures, Model Cars, and More at JoyHobby”

The scale of JoyHobby is considerable, allowing you to find various figures. However, this store seems to specialize in military-related products. You can find figures of various military aircraft or tanks, making it stand out in this aspect.

Moreover, on the other side, you can find parts related to model cars. Many accessories for modifying model cars, such as changing parts to increase speed, are on display. In fact, during a previous visit, students were spotted modifying and coloring model cars, and the store even provides a space for customers to work on their projects.

Of course, it’s a fascinating place for anyone interested in figures, providing a variety of products. Even if you’re not specifically a figure collecting hobbyist, it’s an interesting place in Seoul Sindorim that offers many things to see.

“Seoul Sindorim Figure Shop, JoyHobby”

  • Address: 3rd Floor, 97 Saemal-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul (Zip code: 08288)
  • Phone: 1800-5015
  • Business Hours: 10:30 – 20:30
  • Website: www.joyhobby.co.kr