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Sadang Station Pastel City “Yongho Nakji”

Near Sadang Station, you can find a building called Pastel City. This commercial facility houses various shops. You can discover Youngpoong Bookstore in the basement, and from the 1st floor and above, a variety of restaurants are available.

You can access the building directly through Sadang Station via exits 9, 10, 11, and 12. If you walk toward exits 9 to 12 from Sadang Station, you’ll see Youngpoong Bookstore. Entering through Youngpoong Bookstore provides direct access to Pastel City from the subway station.

“Sadang Station Pastel City”

After a long time, I met friends in Sadang for a meal. Pastel City, located near Sadang Station, offers a diverse range of restaurants. Entering the building, we decided to find a place to eat.

Most restaurants in Pastel City are generally franchise establishments. The Pastel City building itself has a clean and modern atmosphere, making it an advantage for enjoying a meal in a sophisticated setting. However, due to the neat ambiance, the prices tend to be relatively higher than other restaurants near Sadang Station.

“Sadang Station Pastel City: Yongho Nakji”

While exploring the restaurants in Pastel City, we decided to visit Yongho Nakji on the 3rd floor. Yongho Nakji offers dishes like “Nakgopsae” and “Nakchae Sae,” which are menus made with nakji (small octopus) and gopchang (tripe).

On that day, three of us visited, and luckily, there was a special menu for three people. The price was 39,000 won, approximately 13,000 won per person.

The set menu included Nakgopsae for three people and four fried shrimps. Although it was a set menu for three people, receiving four shrimps was somewhat surprising. It might have been better to provide six smaller shrimps or three larger ones.

“Tasty but Insufficient Quantity at Yongho Nakji”

Overall, the taste was decent, but the quantity was relatively insufficient. Especially considering that the members that day were big eaters accustomed to substantial meals, it left us feeling unsatisfied. Despite finishing the Nakgopsae set for three, it felt like we hadn’t had a proper meal, leaving a sense of regret.

For those with hearty appetites, this place might be a bit hesitant to visit. However, if you’re looking for a moderately atmospheric restaurant, it’s worth a visit. Pastel City itself has a clean and pleasant atmosphere with many stylish restaurants, making it suitable for a date course for couples.

“Sadang Station Pastel City: Yongho Nakji”

  • Address: 3rd Floor, 11 Bangbaecheon-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul (Zip code: 06693)
  • Phone: 02-598-3335
  • Business Hours: 11:00 – 22:00