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Seoul Sindorim Cafe “Rue 407”

When you exit from Gate 3 of Sindorim Station, you’ll find a place called “International Culture Food Street.” It’s a street located south of E-Mart where you can find various restaurants selling delicious food.

While there are many restaurants in this area, you can sometimes spot cafes as well. During the day, it can appear quite serene. While looking for a place to relax after lunch, I came across a seemingly tranquil cafe.

“Seoul Sindorim Cafe: RUE 407”

The cafe I visited this time was a small one named “RUE 407,” with a sign that wasn’t very conspicuous. The overall atmosphere seemed comfortable, and it felt like a place where you could enjoy a quiet ambiance.

“A Cafe Where You Can Choose Your Beans”

At Cafe RUE 407, when you order coffee, you have the option to choose your coffee beans. On the day I visited, there were two types available: “Santiago” and “Paris.”

The drink prices are reasonable. A warm Americano is priced at 3,500 KRW per cup, which is relatively affordable compared to the commonly found Starbucks.

“A Great Place to Spend Quiet Time”

Especially, you can feel the autumn atmosphere just before winter arrives. One side of the cafe has windows that can be completely opened, allowing for a sense of openness.

Personally, I enjoy places with large windows. It’s because I can feel a sense of openness, and here, the seats are quite spacious, allowing for a relatively comfortable experience. This cafe I stumbled upon in the Sindorim area is a great place to spend leisurely time.

It’s suitable for visiting alone, and it’s also a good local cafe to spend time with friends or a significant other.

“Seoul Sindorim Cafe RUE 407”

  • Address: 37 Gongwon-ro 8-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul (Postal Code: 08289)
  • Phone: 02-853-3737