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Seoul Sinchon – Literary Street

Sinchon in Seoul is one of the city’s representative bustling areas. Particularly known as a hub for university culture, it gathers prestigious institutions like Yonsei University, Ewha Womans University, Hongik University, and Sogang University in close proximity.

Sinchon Intersection is a street located at the heart of these universities, directly connected to Sinchon Station on Line 2 of the subway.

“Sinchon Literary Street in Seoul”

In 2013, a Literary Street was established around Sinchon Station. Along a 170m stretch leading from Sinchon Station to the famous alley, handprints of renowned Korean authors were produced and installed on 50cm-sized plates. Additionally, this area was transformed into a venue for recitation events and cultural performances.

“The Street Continuing from Exit 3 of Sinchon Station”

Sinchon Literary Street extends from Exit 3 of Sinchon Station on Line 2. At the starting point of Literary Street, you can find a statue of a man wearing a fedora hat and reading a book. As you examine the ground, you’ll discover the handprints of various authors embedded in the pavement, starting from this spot.

“Sinchon Literary Street in Seoul”

  • Address: 30-16 Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul