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Seoul Sangdo-dong Chinese Restaurant ‘Moon China’

Located between Jangseungbaegi Station and Sangdo Station, there is a Chinese restaurant that has been in business for a long time across from “Sangdo iPark” apartments.

While it’s a common Chinese restaurant where you can occasionally order delivery when you crave Chinese food, it’s also a friendly place that has gained the trust of the local residents over the years.

“Sangdo-dong Chinese Restaurant, Moon China”

Moon China is a Chinese restaurant that has been in business for a long time. As a result, many people likely have memories of ordering food from this place.

With the activation of delivery apps, many restaurants now use third-party delivery services. However, Moon China still holds onto the old memories of directly delivering by motorcycle.

You can also find set menus that were commonly seen in the past. You can order set menus like sweet and sour pork with black bean sauce, or jjamppong, at reasonable prices. For example, you can order a set of sweet and sour pork and two servings of black bean noodles for ₩23,000.

“Dining-In Available at the Chinese Restaurant”

Moon China is not just a delivery-only Chinese restaurant. You can also dine in. When you visit the store, there are about six tables available. While they may not be able to accommodate a large number of guests at once, having a space for dining-in, in addition to delivery, is a welcoming feature.

“Sweet and Sour Pork, Black Bean Noodles Set: ₩23,000”

I visited a Chinese restaurant after a long time and ordered a set menu that was commonly seen in the past. I chose sweet and sour pork with black bean sauce for ₩23,000.

I could taste the familiar flavor of old-fashioned jjajangmyeon, and the sweet and sour pork also had a pleasant taste when paired with the black bean noodles. However, if there’s any disappointment, it’s that the noodles in the jjajangmyeon felt slightly overcooked. It might be because I was in a hurry and asked for the noodles to be cooked quickly.

Apart from the slight letdown with the noodles, overall, it was a decent and enjoyable experience, tasting the old-fashioned jjajangmyeon. If you live nearby, it’s also a good place to order delivery.

“Seoul Sangdo-dong Chinese Restaurant, Moon China”

  • Address: 25 Jangseungbaegi-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul
  • Phone Number: 02-813-1122