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Seoul Hapjeong Performing Arts Center: Seogyo Square

In Seoul, there’s an initiative to provide affordable space rentals through community culture centers compared to private venues. After the opening of Sinchon Lifelong Culture Center in 2012, Chebu Lifelong Culture Center in 2018, and Nakwon Lifelong Culture Center in 2020, Lifelong Culture Center Seogyo has also opened its doors.

Located near Hapjeong Station, Lifelong Culture Center Seogyo features a performance hall that can accommodate around 150 people, as well as practice rooms, community spaces, and multipurpose rooms. Specifically designed to support independent arts and youth culture in the vibrant area near Hongik University, it hosts activities like indie music performances, plays, and dance.

“Opened on November 4, 2020, Lifelong Culture Center Seogyo”

Lifelong Culture Center Seogyo officially opened on November 4, 2020. Situated just a one-minute walk from Hapjeong Station on Line 2, it was built on the underground levels 1 and 2 of the Seogyo-dong area near Hongdae, allocated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Facilities at Lifelong Culture Center Seogyo include various practice rooms, classrooms, and a performance hall that can host up to 160 people. Notably, it provides four practice rooms suitable for band rehearsals, dance practices, and more, as well as classrooms, a community space for residents and culture enthusiasts, and a multipurpose room for small workshops and events.

You can make use of the performance hall, practice rooms, multipurpose rooms, and classrooms by applying for rental through the Lifelong Culture Center Seogyo website: [Seoul Lifelong Culture Center Seogyo]

“Seogyo Square: A 160-seat Performance Hall”

Seogyo Square is the performance hall within Lifelong Culture Center Seogyo. It’s a relatively recent addition to the scene, accommodating approximately 160 people. The hall, designed in a black box format, provides an open space for various genres of art and cultural activities, including music.

Space rental is conducted through regular public notices for six-month or semi-annual periods. Afterward, any remaining days are available for ad-hoc rentals. The current rental fees vary between weekdays and weekends.

“Rental Fees and Performance Hall Information”

  • Space Rental Fee: (Tue-Thu) KRW 840,000, (Fri-Sun) KRW 1,200,000
  • Sound and Lighting Staff: Separate costs apply
  • Instrument Usage Fee: KRW 400,000
  • House Manager and Event Staff: Not provided
  • Additional Rental: KRW 200,000 per hour
  • Seating Capacity: 162 seats, 2 wheelchair-accessible seats
  • Stage Size: Width 9M * Height 8M * Depth 8M

“Venue for the U.S. Department of State Exchange Student Program Closing Ceremony”

Seogyo Square served as the venue for the closing ceremony of the U.S. Department of State Exchange Student Program. It was a fitting location to conclude the six-week program, providing a neat and well-maintained space. The students had no trouble putting on their final performances, making it a memorable closing ceremony.

Considering the reasonable rental fees in relation to the size and condition of the venue, it seems like a place that could be frequently utilized for performances. However, as Lifelong Culture Center doesn’t operate on Mondays, scheduling events on this day might pose difficulties. 

“Lifelong Culture Center Seogyo in Seoul Hapjeong”

  • Address: B1-2F, Seogyo-dong Hysung-Haerington Tower, 72 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 02-6351-7531
  • Website: https://seogyocenter.or.kr