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Seoul Gwangjin-gu, Ttukseom Station: Elevated Subway Line 2 (Photo)

These days, in most urban areas, the trend is to build subways rather than elevated train lines. In places like Jamsil, even buses have been rerouted underground, leading to the creation of underground bus transfer stations. It has become common practice to submerge public transportation systems.

However, for older subway lines like Lines 1 and 2, there are still sections that run above ground. While major areas in Seoul have shifted to underground transportation, certain sections provide their own unique charm above ground.

“In Seoul’s Gwangjin-gu, Ttukseom Station features an elevated section of Subway Line 2.”

In the eastern part of Seoul’s Gwangjin-gu, you can find a section of Subway Line 2 that runs above ground. You can observe the elevated tracks leading from Ttukseom to Konkuk University.

This area offers a distinctive view that is not easily found elsewhere. Unlike most urban areas that always present a polished image, this place provides a touch of humanity and a more gracious landscape. Looking at the elevated tracks, it can feel like time has taken a journey back in history, evoking an exotic atmosphere. It almost feels like being in a neighborhood in Japan, leaving a subtle and intriguing impression. I decided to capture this moment in a photograph.