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Apple Store in Gangnam, Seoul

Since the first Apple Store in Korea landed on Garosu-gil, Apgujeong, on January 27, 2018, Apple Stores have sequentially opened in Yeouido, Myeongdong, Jamsil, and Gangnam. Among these, the “Myeongdong Store” serves as Apple’s flagship store in Korea, and the Gangnam Store became the fourth to open in Seoul.

“Apple Store Gangnam, Near Sinnonhyeon Station”

The Apple Store Gangnam opened on March 31, 2023. Originally, the same building housed the Prisbi Gangnam Square Store. However, in November 2021, stores like Juno Hair and Under Armour, which were also in the same building, closed. This led to a remodeling of the building, culminating in the opening of the Apple Store Gangnam.

The Apple Store Gangnam is conveniently located near Sinnonhyeon Station, between exits 5 and 6 of the subway station.

“Explore a Variety of Apple Products at Apple Store”

Just like other Apple Stores, the Apple Store Gangnam is a place where you can encounter a wide range of Apple products. The products are displayed, allowing visitors to touch and experience them.

During my visit shortly after the opening of the new Apple Store, it was bustling with people. I had the opportunity to explore various Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iMacs, and Apple Watches.

“Apple’s Culture of Celebration upon Purchase”

When visiting the Apple Store, you may occasionally hear an Apple employee exclaiming, “Everyone!” When a customer makes a purchase, this is a kind of service provided if the customer desires it.

The process goes something like this: “… has purchased …”. or “… has received an Apple product from …”. The content is filled in based on what the customer prefers.

Upon hearing such announcements, Apple employees and fellow customers often join in applauding and celebrating the purchase. It’s an interesting service provided by Apple that you can request on the day you want to make a purchase and receive congratulations from many people.

“Today at Apple”

Similar to other Apple Stores, the Yeouido branch features a section called “Today at Apple” on the first floor.

Various sessions are offered, covering topics such as how to take photos with an iPhone, how to edit them, and how to edit videos after recording. If there’s a session you’re interested in, you can attend and learn.

“A Store Where You Can Experience a Wide Range of Apple Products”

The Apple Store is an open space where anyone can visit and experience the products created by Apple. If you find something you like, you have the option to purchase it.

Additionally, refunds are possible within two weeks of purchase for any reason. This means that even if you’re unsure about whether to buy a product, you can try it out first and decide whether to continue using it.

“Apple Store Gangnam”

  • Address: 464 B1 V Bldg., Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Phone: 080-500-0456
  • Website: Apple Store Gangnam