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Seoul Gasan Mario Outlet Kimchi Stew Specialty Restaurant “Banban Sikdang”

Gasan Digital Complex, located at the southern end of Seoul, is not only a densely populated office area but also an area densely packed with outlets. Thanks to this, you can find famous outlets in various places. Among them, “Mario Outlet” is the most well-known.

This place is operated in a total of three sections, and the most well-known is “Mario Outlet Section 3,” which is the closest to the subway.

“Gasan Mario Outlet Section 3 Dining Area, Kimchi Stew Banban Sikdang”

If you go up to the higher floors in Gasan Mario Outlet Section 3, you can find several restaurants. On the 12th floor, alongside a Japanese ramen restaurant, there is a kimchi stew specialty restaurant called “Banban Sikdang.”

“Kimchi Stew, Doenjang Stew, and more, a stew specialty restaurant”

Here, you can find menu items such as kimchi stew and doenjang stew. The flagship menu item is likely the “Kimchi Stew.” The menu available at Banban Sikdang includes the following, and since it’s located in an outlet dining area, the prices are relatively affordable. (Prices are based on 2021 and may have increased slightly since then.)

“Meal Menu”

  • Banban Kimchi Stew: 8,000 won
  • Chadol Doenjang Stew: 8,000 won
  • Dakdoritang (Half): 18,000 won (Whole): 30,000 won
  • Yukhoe Bibimbap: 10,000 won
  • Bulgogi Bibimbap: 9,500 won
  • Children’s Set Menu: 8,000 won

“Side Menu”

  • Sirloin Pork Cutlet: 4,500 won
  • Cheese Pork Cutlet: 5,500 won
  • Potato Croquette: 3,000 won
  • Tteokgalbi (Korean Grilled Short Rib Patties): 4,000 won
  • Rice + Egg: 1,000 won
  • Egg: 5,00 won
  • Extra Ingredients (Noodles, Rice Cakes, Glass Noodles): 1,000 won

“Set Menus”

  • Banban Kimchi Stew (for 2) + Sirloin Pork Cutlet + Ramyeon Noodles: 19,500 won
  • Banban Kimchi Stew (for 3) + Sirloin Pork Cutlet + Ramyeon Noodles: 26,500 won

“Set Menu for 2: 19,500 won”

During this visit, we naturally ordered the kimchi stew. Since they offer set menus at reasonable prices, we opted for the set menu for two.

The ambiance of the restaurant is clean, and the food is served in an orderly manner, making it a great place to have a meal after shopping in the outlet.

It may not be a place you deliberately seek out, but if you need to grab a quick meal inside the building, especially after shopping at the outlet, it’s a good place to visit.

“Seoul Gasan Mario Outlet Kimchi Stew Specialty Restaurant, Banban Sikdang”

  • Address: 12th Floor, 266 Beotkkot-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, 08511, Mario Outlet Section 3 (우)08511
  • Phone: 02-2067-2400