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Gwangmyeong Traditional Market

Gwangmyeong Traditional Market is located right next to “Gwangmyeong Sageori Station.” As befits a traditional market, it is known for offering a wide variety of products, and it has the advantage of being a place where you can purchase various items and taste food at affordable prices.

“Formed organically since the 1970s, Gwangmyeong Traditional Market”

Gwangmyeong Traditional Market, formed organically since the early 1970s, is ranked 7th nationwide as a comprehensive market. In 2013, it was selected as a cultural tourism-oriented market and has been conducting various cultural programs. Additionally, it is transforming into a smart traditional market by incorporating information and communication technology.

“A large market with over 400 diverse shops”

At Gwangmyeong Traditional Market, you can find approximately 400 shops. This is a significant scale that ranks it among the leading traditional markets nationwide.

Gwangmyeong Traditional Market offers the opportunity to purchase agricultural and marine products, as well as groceries, at low prices, making it a popular destination not only for Gwangmyeong residents but also for residents of neighboring cities such as Seoul.

“Places that sell food at incredibly low prices”

Especially at the market, you can taste a variety of foods at very affordable prices. You can witness the sight of food being sold at prices that are hard to find elsewhere.

Representative dishes of ordinary people, such as Kalguksu (hand-cut noodles) or Jjajangmyeon (black bean noodles), can be enjoyed for about 3,000 won. Considering today’s cost of living, this can be considered quite an affordable price range. (Prices are based on 2021 and may have increased, but the food available at the market is still much cheaper compared to similar dishes at nearby restaurants.)

Gwangmyeong Traditional Market is a great place to explore a local market in Gwangmyeong City. It’s also a good place to shop for daily necessities and food ingredients. Additionally, visiting the market to have a meal at an affordable price can become a memorable experience.

“Gwangmyeong Traditional Market”

  • Address: Oriro 964beon-gil (Line 7, Gwangmyeong Sageori Station Exit 9)
  • Phone: 02) 2614-0006
  • Website: Link to Naver Blog