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Seoul Gangnam Character Shop “LINE FRIENDS Flagship Store”

Seoul’s Gangnam area is considered one of the representative bustling districts in Seoul, attracting a large number of people with various shops and brands densely packed.

A short distance away from the “KAKAO FRIENDS” store, which sells various products featuring characters from KakaoTalk, one can find the “LINE FRIENDS” store.

“More widely used overseas than domestically, LINE Messenger”

While in South Korea, most people use “KakaoTalk,” overseas, “LINE” is widely preferred. LINE, developed by South Korea’s Naver for smartphones, interestingly gained more popularity abroad than domestically. Especially in neighboring Japan, most people use “LINE.” As a result, scenes in anime directed by Makoto Shinkai depict characters communicating through “LINE.”

“Seoul Gangnam, LINE FRIENDS Flagship Store”

Similar to KakaoFriends, LINE FRIENDS stores selling products featuring characters from the LINE Messenger can be found in various locations domestically and internationally. The store in Gangnam is one such flagship store with substantial dimensions.

The store spans two floors, and considering the ceiling height, it corresponds to about the 3rd or 4th floor of a regular building. On the first floor, you’ll encounter a variety of trendy character products.

Ascending to the second floor, you’ll find a designated space for photography, and various products are on display.

For those who use LINE Messenger, this store in Gangnam is an exciting character shop worth visiting, adding more joy to your experience.

“Seoul Gangnam, LINE FRIENDS Flagship Store Gangnam Branch”