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Seoul Dongguk University Entrance Cafe & Co-Working Space: Local Stitch Yaksoo

Until COVID-19 swept through, the term “sharing economy” received much attention. However, due to the aftermath of “social distancing” measures, this term became less heard of for a while.

With the rise of the sharing economy, co-working spaces, where people share office spaces, also gained attention. You can find co-working spaces where you can share office facilities in various places, including between Dongguk University Entrance Station and Yaksoo Station, such as “Local Stitch Yaksoo”, which is part of this sharing economy.

“Red Brick Building RDBK in Sindang-dong”

As you walk from Jangchung Gymnasium toward Yaksoo Station, you’ll come across a building on the Hanyang Doseong Trail, adjacent to Jangchungdan Park, where Local Stitch Yaksoo is located. This building, made of red bricks, is identified by the name “RDBK”. In the past, it served as the headquarters of the advertising agency Comaco.

The space consists of approximately 76 square meters with five floors and a rooftop. The first floor is occupied by Cafe Coffee Pound, a cafe for aspiring entrepreneurs, and the brunch restaurant Chic. The second floor houses the Magin Bar Docu and a shared office. From the third to the fifth floor, there are shared office spaces where occupants work.

“1st Floor Cafe Space”

On the first floor, you can find a cafe space. I visited during a relatively quiet time on a Saturday afternoon, and I could see people gathering to work on their laptops.

The advantage of this place is the wide windows that create an open atmosphere. You can enjoy a refreshing work session while sipping a cup of coffee.

“2nd Floor Magazine Bar & Shared Office”

Heading up to the second floor, you’ll find the “Magazine Bar” and a “Shared Office”. It has a lounge-like setting that’s neatly arranged. Perhaps because I visited on a quiet Saturday afternoon, it was relatively peaceful. As I looked around the shared office space, I saw two people working on their laptops.

It’s said that from the third to the fifth floor, it’s all shared office space. However, today I didn’t come to experience the shared office, but rather to use the cafe space on the first floor, so I didn’t go up.

“Location of the English Conversation Meetup”

This place was actually used as a meeting space. For a while, I hadn’t met many people, and I hardly had any occasion to use English, so I decided to participate in an English conversation meetup through an application. This location was where the meetup was held.

Thanks to this, I not only visited a cafe near Dongguk University Entrance Station, which I hadn’t visited before, but also gained information about “shared offices” as a bonus.

Local Stitch Yaksoo is not far from Dongguk University Entrance Station and Yaksoo Station. It’s positioned midway between the two stations, making it hard to say which one is closer.

Originally, it serves as a co-working space, and on the first floor, you can find a cafe space. This makes it a great place for purposes such as business meetings.

“Dongguk University Entrance: Local Stitch Yaksoo”

  • Address: 13 Dongho-ro 17-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul (Postal Code: 04604)
  • Phone: 02-322-8601
  • Website: www.localstitch.kr