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Seoul Daehangno Naksan Park Cafe “Travel”

Naksan is a mountain located in various neighborhoods including Hyehwa-dong, Ihwa-dong, Dongsung-dong, Changsin-dong, Sungin-dong, Samseon-dong in Jongno-gu, Seoul. The name Naksan originated from its resemblance to the hump of a camel. Currently, it has been transformed into Naksan Park, requiring a bit of uphill walking, but it is considered one of Seoul’s renowned attractions with a slightly elevated terrain and well-established walking paths along the fortress walls.

“Cafe ‘Travel’ in Naksan Park”

If you head east from Hyehwa Station on Subway Line 4 and climb up the hill, you can reach Naksan Park. Before entering Naksan Park, you can find a cafe near the entrance, and this cafe, located at the highest point in the vicinity of Naksan Park, is named “Travel.”

“A Journey in the Heart of the City, Cafe ‘Travel'”

Just ascending Naksan Park already brings a refreshing feeling, and spending some time in the cafe located here provides a unique experience. Spending leisurely time in a cafe perched in a high place might be seen as a mini-trip away from the daily routine.

“A Cafe with a View of Seoul’s Scenery”

Cafe ‘Travel’ is situated at quite an elevated location, allowing you to overlook downtown Seoul. There is a terrace on the cafe’s rooftop. With available seating, it’s a great place to enjoy the weather and scenery on a nice day.

It’s a wonderful space to savor the atmosphere of Seoul while holding a cup of coffee in hand. Despite being located in a high place, the prices are reasonable. Coffee starts at 3,500 KRW per cup.

Furthermore, before ascending Naksan Park, it might be nice to stop by the last cafe you encounter, grab a takeaway coffee, and enjoy a stroll in Naksan Park while sipping on your coffee.

“Seoul Naksan Park Cafe ‘Travel'”

  • Address: 19-8 Naksan 3-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Postal Code) 03088
  • Phone number: 02-747-1056
  • Website: https://cafetravel.modoo.at
  • Business hours: (Tue-Sun) 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Closed on Tuesdays