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Seoul Apgujeong Garosu-gil Board Game Cafe, Weefun

Garosu-gil in the Apgujeong area has recently gained significant attention as one of the hottest spots in Seoul. Ten or twenty years ago, this area was once densely populated with galleries and designer shops. At times, it was filled with movie theaters, and other times, pottery studios. As a result, you can still find old and vintage shops scattered throughout Garosu-gil.

Currently, it has transformed into a hub for various fashion road shops. It’s a place filled with antique furniture stores, bookshops selling foreign books, cafes, galleries, and more. Additionally, it’s worth noting that when Apple Store first entered Korea, this location became known for being the first branch.

“Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil Board Game Cafe: Weefun”

In Sinsa-dong’s Garosu-gil, you can find various restaurants and cafes, and even a board game cafe. The board game cafe you can find in Sinsa-dong is called “Weefun,” located not far from the north entrance of Garosu-gil.

Weefun is situated in the basement. Being a basement board game cafe, it gives off a feeling of entering a bunker. Upon entering the cafe area, you’ll find it quite spacious. One side features an open area with tables, while the other side has partitioned spaces.

“Enjoy a Variety of Board Games at Weefun”

Since Weefun is a board game cafe, you can enjoy a wide range of board games. Unlike typical board game cafes that primarily offer popular games, Weefun provides a selection that caters to enthusiasts. This means you can find games with varying levels of complexity, from easy to more challenging.

“They Also Sell Board Games”

You can also purchase board games at Weefun. You can either search for products on the Weefun website and make a purchase, or you can buy items available in the physical store.

Compared to other board game shops, you can find not only mainstream titles but also more niche and specialized games. This makes it a great place for board game enthusiasts.

“They Also Offer Drinks and Snacks at the Board Game Cafe”

In addition to being a board game cafe, Weefun also offers a variety of beverages like coffee and juice. You can also order snack menu items to enjoy while playing board games, creating a space where you can both play and dine.

I visited on a Sunday evening, and there were quite a few people. I noticed many young couples, and it was surprising to see how many people enjoy playing board games.

Located on Garosu-gil, it’s a cozy space where you can enjoy board games with friends or loved ones. Its accessibility is also a plus.

“Seoul Apgujeong Garosu-gil Board Game Cafe, Weefun”