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Apgujeong Garosu-gil: ‘Garo Golmok’

Garosu-gil, which can be found in the Apgujeong area, has been one of the hottest spots in Seoul in recent years. This place, ten or twenty years ago, was once densely packed with galleries and designer shops.

At times, it was frequented by filmmakers, and at other times, pottery studios set up shop. As a result, you can still find old and vintage shops scattered throughout Garosu-gil.

Nowadays, it has transformed into an area packed with various fashion road shops. You can find antique furniture stores, bookshops selling foreign books, cafes, galleries, and more. Additionally, it’s worth noting that when Apple Store first entered Korea, this location became known for being the first branch.

“Resembling Insa-dong’s ‘Ssamjigil,’ Garo Golmok”

In Apgujeong’s Garosu-gil, you can find a building called ‘Garo Golmok.’ Situated around the middle of Garosu-gil, it’s a place that can be described as a multi-cultural space.

Garo Golmok bears a resemblance to ‘Ssamjigil’ in Insa-dong. It’s designed in a form quite similar to Ssamjigil in Insa-dong. However, it’s somewhat smaller in scale compared to Ssamjigil. Instead of being divided into distinct floors, it’s a building designed with a gradual incline, allowing access to higher levels.

“The View of Garosu-gil from the Rooftop”

On a good day, you can go up to the rooftop and enjoy the view of Garosu-gil. The rooftop is open, providing a wide and clear view. It seems like a great place to spend some leisurely time.

“Many Spaces in Garo Golmok are Still Vacant”

If properly occupied, it seems like a space that would offer various attractions. Unfortunately, on the day I visited, many spaces were mostly empty. In fact, when I first visited, I even thought the building had just been constructed. However, in reality, the building was constructed quite some time ago.

Perhaps it’s due to the impact of COVID-19, but I can’t help but hope for a speedy resolution to the pandemic so that we can return to our normal routines.

“Apgujeong Garosu-gil, Garo Golmok”