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Seokchon Lake, Seoul: ‘Cherry Blossom Scenery in 2023’

When spring arrives, various flowers bloom. Among them, cherry blossoms are the most famous. When the cherry blossoms bloom, it’s often covered in the news, and many people go out to enjoy the sight.

In reality, it would be more appropriate to say that people use the flowers as an excuse for a date rather than going out specifically to see the flowers.

“The Flowers Blooming on Cherry Trees, Cherry Blossoms”

Cherry blossoms are, as the name suggests, flowers that bloom on cherry trees. They are known for their bright pink or white petals that bloom beautifully in spring. The flower language of cherry blossoms represents beautiful spirit, soul, spiritual love, and the beauty of life.

However, among university students, there’s a playful joke that associates cherry blossoms with “midterm exams.” This is because they often bloom during the midterm exam period of the first semester, and once the exams are over, the flowers fall sadly.

“Blooming Period”

There are specific criteria for defining the blooming and full-bloom stages. According to one standard of observation, when three or more flowers bloom on a single standard sample tree, it is considered as “blooming.” When over 80% of the entire tree’s flowers have bloomed, it is considered “full-bloom.”

The blooming period starts from late March to early April, beginning in the warmer southern regions.

“Seokchon Lake, Cherry Blossom Scenery”

After a long time, I took a stroll around Seokchon Lake in Jamsil and was able to see cherry blossoms in bloom. Seokchon Lake is also a renowned spot in Seoul known for its cherry blossoms.

Due to the warm spring weather and the blooming cherry blossoms, many people could be seen enjoying the scenery near the lake.

However, there was a sense of regret as the visibility of the clean and pristine scenery was hindered by the presence of fine dust particles from China.

Nevertheless, I took a photo to capture the cherry blossom scenery of 2023. As an additional note, if you’d like to learn more about Seokchon Lake in Jamsil, you can click on the link below: