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Seokchon-dong Ancient Burial Mounds in Jamsil, Seoul

The area of Jamsil in Seoul is known to have been a significant location during the Three Kingdoms period of ancient Korea, particularly under the kingdom of Baekje. Thanks to this historical significance, remnants and artifacts from the Baekje period can still be found in Jamsil.

If you head a bit south from the Seokchon Lake in Jamsil, you’ll come across the site where the ancient stone-lined tombs (Jeokseokchong) from the Baekje period were discovered. This site is designated as Historic Site No. 243.

“Seoul, Jamsil: Seokchon-dong Ancient Burial Mounds, Traces of Baekje”

The Seokchon-dong Ancient Burial Mounds were first surveyed during the Japanese colonial period in 1911. They were initially identified as tombs from the Baekje period. In 1912, a simple survey was conducted, followed by a detailed investigation in 1916-1917. It is estimated that there were more than 290 tombs in total.

“Forgotten Seokchon-dong Ancient Burial Mounds after Liberation”

After liberation and due to social upheaval and the Korean War, the Seokchon-dong Ancient Burial Mounds, like many other historical sites, were essentially forgotten. As a result, many of the tombs disappeared without a trace.

In 1975, with the development of the Jamsil area, extensive excavations were carried out on the remaining tombs since 1974. In 1987, with the demolition of residential areas, a comprehensive survey was conducted. Only a very small number of tombs managed to emerge from obscurity and were reborn as the Seokchon-dong Ancient Burial Mounds Park.

“Jamsil Seokchon-dong Ancient Burial Mounds Park”

Today, you can find a park created by utilizing the remaining burial mounds. Over time and changing eras, it has transformed into a space with a new backdrop.

In contrast to the past, behind the Seokchon-dong Ancient Burial Mounds, you can now see Lotte World Tower in Jamsil. In Seokchon-dong Ancient Burial Mounds Park, you can capture the ancient mounds and the modern backdrop of Lotte World Tower in one photograph, creating a juxtaposition of past and present.

It’s a special place where you can capture both the present and the past in a single photograph.

“Seoul, Jamsil: Historical Site of Baekje, Seokchon-dong Ancient Burial Mounds”

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