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Hyehwa-dong, Prime Minister’s Statue (Photo)

In Seoul’s Hyehwa-dong, there is a figure who served as the Prime Minister and Vice President of the First Republic of Korea, as well as the Prime Minister in the Cabinet Responsibility System of the Second Republic.

Additionally, he carried out various missions such as being the Chief Representative of Korea at the Third United Nations General Assembly, a Special Envoy of the President dispatched to the Holy See, and the inaugural Special Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the United States.

The residence where he lived, Prime Minister Scene’s House, remains preserved in Hyehwa-dong. It is open to the public during designated hours and free for anyone to visit.

You can find the statue of Prime Minister Scene on a bench along the Hyehwa-dong street in front of Prime Minister Scene’s House. The statue portrays him sitting on the bench, reading a book, as if guarding over Hyehwa-dong.