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Sehwa Beach: A Picturesque Gem on Jeju Island’s Northeastern Coast

Jeju Island offers a diverse range of beaches for visitors to explore. On this trip, we followed a route starting from Seogwipo, traveling east along the eastern coastal road, and eventually circling back to Jeju City. One of the last stops on this journey was the enchanting “Sehwa Beach.”

“Located Between Woljeongri and Seongsan, Sehwa Beach Beckons”

Sehwa Beach is nestled between Woljeongri and Seongsan, where you can catch a ferry to Udo. Nearby, you’ll also find “Byeolbangjin” and “Hado.” On the map, it lies on the northeast coast of Jeju Island.

“A Small Beach Offering Breathtaking Views”

Compared to other renowned beaches on Jeju Island, Sehwa Beach may be considered relatively small. However, despite its size, it provides everything you’d expect from a beach, including the opportunity to marvel at the emerald-hued sea.

Nearby, you can also explore Sehwa Oiljang and the Haenyeo (female divers) Museum. Regrettably, since this visit to Sehwa Beach was a brief seaside stop at the end of our Jeju Island journey, we didn’t have the time to explore other places. If there’s a chance in the future, I’d love to take in the sights of the nearby attractions.

“A Chance Encounter at Sehwa Beach”

During my time at Sehwa Beach, I happened to meet someone traveling alone. They approached us to take their picture, as they didn’t have anyone to capture the moment for them. This led to a natural interaction, and we ended up taking photos for each other. However, after our Jeju Island trip, we didn’t manage to meet up again, whether due to busy schedules or other reasons.

Despite this, it was an interesting experience to have a chance encounter and a brief connection with a fellow traveler during the trip.

While Sehwa Beach may not be as large or as well-known as some of Jeju Island’s other famous beaches, it still offers a wonderful place to appreciate the beauty of Jeju’s coastline as you pass through the area.

“Sehwa Beach, Jeju Island”

  • Address: 27 Haenyeobangmulgil, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, 63361, South Korea
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