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Po Lin Monastery: Hong Kong’s Oldest Buddhist Temple

Ngong Ping Village, situated at the summit of Lantau Island in Hong Kong, is a theme park adorned with Buddhist elements. Here, you can find the largest statue in Hong Kong, the “Tian Tan Buddha,” and near it lies the biggest and oldest Buddhist temple in Hong Kong, the “Po Lin Monastery.”

“The Oldest Buddhist Temple in Hong Kong: Po Lin Monastery”

Po Lin Monastery is a Buddhist temple located in Ngong Ping Village. It can be found in close proximity to the colossal statue of the Tian Tan Buddha.

Established in 1903, Po Lin Monastery initially served as a sanctuary for monks. As a Buddhist temple, it houses a statue of the Buddha, and at the entrance to the monastery, you can also encounter statues of the Four Heavenly Kings.

“Enveloped in Mist: Po Lin Monastery”

When I visited Po Lin Monastery, the fog was thick. It was so dense that visibility was extremely limited. Capturing a photo of Po Lin Monastery shrouded in this mist felt strangely special.

Being a Buddhist temple hidden in the mist, it exudes a mysterious atmosphere and adds an exotic touch. Although unintentional, the heavy fog unexpectedly allowed for the appreciation of a uniquely dreamlike view.

“Lantau Island, Po Lin Monastery”