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Hong Kong’s Buddhist Theme Park: Ngong Ping Village

One of the most renowned destinations on Lantau Island in Hong Kong is Ngong Ping Village. Situated at the heart of Lantau Island, it offers a unique experience just getting there, thanks to the cable car ride from Tung Chung Station, which is the longest of its kind.

During my visit, the cable car was undergoing renovations, so they were operating bus tours as an alternative.

“Ngong Ping Village: A Buddhist-themed Park”

While Tai O Village, also on Lantau Island, is known for its waterside charm, Ngong Ping Village rests atop a mountain.

While Tai O Village is an actual residential community, Ngong Ping Village is more of a themed park, adorned with elements of Buddhism.

You can find various statues related to Buddhism, including those of Buddhas and other relevant figures.

“The Giant Statue to See in Ngong Ping Village: Tian Tan Buddha”

Ngong Ping Village is renowned for its colossal statue, known as the “Tian Tan Buddha” or commonly referred to as “Big Buddha” by locals. This bronze statue, standing at 34 meters tall and weighing approximately 250 tons, was once considered the largest in the world. However, it now holds the third-place spot due to the creation of even larger statues.

“The Buddhist Temple in Ngong Ping Village: Po Lin Monastery”

Another noteworthy place in Ngong Ping Village is the Po Lin Monastery. Established in 1903, it originally served as a refuge for monks.

“The Square with Statues of the Twelve Divine Generals”

On the way to see the large statue at the entrance of Ngong Ping Village, you’ll come across a well-maintained square-like area. Here, you’ll find statues of the Twelve Divine Generals lined up on both sides.

These statues represent the twelve Earthly Branches, which were used in the past to tell time. Interestingly, similar cultural practices were present in our own history. If you examine the statues closely, you’ll notice that each has an animal symbolizing their respective Earthly Branch. This practice originated from a time when illiteracy was high, and animals were used to convey meaning.

“Animals Roaming Among People”

As you explore Ngong Ping Village, you’ll come across various animals freely mingling among the people. From dogs to livestock like cows, it was impressive to see these animals move unreservedly alongside the villagers.

Despite the crowds, the animals seemed to have adapted, casually passing by people.

“The Rainy and Misty Landscape of Ngong Ping Village”

Unfortunately, on the day of my visit, the weather continued to be rainy and misty. Visibility was severely limited, making it impossible to get a clear view of the large statue in Ngong Ping Village.

Instead, I was able to capture the image of the large statue and the mist-shrouded landscapes of Po Lin Monastery and Ngong Ping Village. While the weather wasn’t ideal for sightseeing, it resulted in a unique and memorable view.

“Lantau Island, Ngong Ping Village”

  • Address: 111 Ngong Ping Rd, Lantau Island, Hong Kong