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Paju Heyri Hanjeongsik Restaurant “Sannaeum Paju Main Branch”

As you enter Paju from the Seoul Expressway, you’ll come across various famous tourist spots in Paju, including the Paju Publishing Complex, Heyri Art Village, Provence Village, Shinsegae Premium Outlet, and Paju English Village (ChangeUp Campus).

All of these are well-known tourist destinations in Paju. Especially around Heyri Art Village, Provence Village, Paju English Village, and Shinsegae Premium Outlet, you’ll find a cluster of reasonably priced dining options. Planning your travel itinerary around Heyri can be a great way to explore Paju.

At the entrance to Heyri Art Village, there’s a place called “Seongdong Intersection,” where you can find various restaurants. This area, which serves as a gateway from Heyri Art Village to Provence Village, Shinsegae Outlet, and Paju English Village, is known for its restaurants that offer good value for money.

“Paju Seongdong Intersection: Sannaeum Paju Main Branch”

The “Sannaeum Paju Main Branch” is also a restaurant located near Seongdong Intersection. Most of the restaurants near Seongdong Intersection are quite large, and Sannaeum is no exception.

The restaurant is located on the second floor and, despite using only one floor, it allocates a fairly spacious area. Thanks to this, it can accommodate over 100 customers at once, making it a suitable place for group dining, especially for group tours to Paju.

The interior has a somewhat traditional atmosphere, with wooden floors and a structure that requires you to take off your shoes before entering. While many restaurants nowadays allow you to keep your shoes on, Sannaeum’s requirement to remove them gives it a distinctive touch.

“Healthy Meals Centered Around Acorn Jelly Rice”

The menu at Sannaeum Paju Main Branch mainly focuses on healthy dishes like acorn jelly rice. They offer a variety of side dishes, including Gangwon Province mountain vegetables, mung bean pancakes, rice cakes, pumpkin pancakes, as well as grilled dried pollack and acorn jelly, totaling over 20 side dishes. Of course, they also offer individual menu items.

“Acorn Jelly Set Menu: KRW 13,000”

On the day we visited, we tried the “Acorn Jelly Set Menu,” which costs KRW 13,000 per person. It came with acorn jelly bibimbap and a variety of side dishes, including grilled dried pollack, providing a hearty meal.

Before the meal, I was a bit concerned that a meal centered around acorn jelly might feel lacking due to its vegetarian focus. However, after actually having the meal, I found it to be generous in portion and satisfying in taste, providing a hearty and fulfilling dining experience.

“On This Day, a Group of About 40 People Visited”

On this day, I visited with about 40 American scholarship students who were dispatched to experience Korean culture. With the intention of exposing American high school students to Korean cuisine as much as possible, I deliberately chose this place.

After experiencing the Letterpress Printing Museum and before heading for the “DMZ” security tour, we stopped by this place for lunch. Despite the fact that Korean food may be unfamiliar to American students, it was a day where I could see them enjoy the meal.

“Paju Seongdong Intersection: Sannaeum Paju Main Branch”

  • Address: 885-18 Pyeonghwa-ro, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do 10862, South Korea
  • Phone: 031-944-1740
  • Operating Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
  • Website: Sannaeum Blog