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Incheon Songdo, Central Park “Central Park”

Central Park, located at the heart of Incheon Songdo New City, is exactly what its name suggests—a central park occupying twice the area of Yeouido Park. It opened on August 7, 2009.

Designed with the goal of providing a large green space for citizens in the heart of Songdo International City, which is densely populated with high-density residential and commercial areas, Songdo Central Park is often likened to Central Park in New York, even sharing the same name.

“A Park Designed to Showcase Korea’s Geological Features in the Global Community”

Central Park incorporates Korea’s geological features in a way that harmonizes with the global community. Within the park, visitors can encounter hills representing Korea’s mountain ranges, a lake representing the sea, and even islands. The artificial lake that traverses the center of the park utilizes seawater, allowing for recreational activities like water taxis, boating, and kayaking.

“A Shelter in the Midst of Skyscrapers”

Central Park offers a place to rest amidst the towering buildings of Songdo. Surrounding Central Park are various apartments and buildings, including The Sharp First World, Songdo Convensia, Sheraton Incheon Hotel, POSCO Tower, Lotte Mart, Songdo Timespace, Jewel Prugio City, Orakai Songdo Park Hotel, Incheon Startup Park, The Sharp Central Park 3rd Phase, Songdo Central Park Hotel, POSCO Construction Headquarters Building, Incheon Urban History Museum, Songdo Tri Bowl, G Tower, Songdo Canal Walk, The Sharp Central Park 1st and 2nd Phases, and Songdo Central Prugio. These areas serve both residential and commercial purposes.

Subway stations are also in close proximity, with Incheon National University Station and Central Park Station adjacent to Central Park.

“A Park to Enjoy Nature in the City”

Songdo Central Park allows visitors to enjoy nature in the heart of the city. Visitors can appreciate the reeds growing around the lake park. In particular, visiting during the autumn when the leaves change color provides an even more breathtaking view.

“Songdo Tri Bowl”

Within or near Central Park, you can also enjoy unique architectural structures. One notable facility is “Tri Bowl,” an opera house erected on the western side of Central Park. Its distinctive design has been featured in numerous advertisements.

Originally built for the promotion of the 2009 Incheon Global City Expo and without a specific purpose afterward, it is now operated by the Incheon Cultural Foundation for various exhibitions and performances.

“Incheon Urban History Museum”

The Incheon Urban History Museum, also constructed during the 2009 Incheon Global City Expo, is located adjacent to Tri Bowl. Here, visitors can learn about the history of Incheon, urban planning, and the Free Economic Zone through promotional materials. Additionally, visitors can view dioramas depicting the Incheon area produced in 2009.

“Songdo Hanok Village, Kyungwonjae Ambassador”

A small-scale hanok (traditional Korean house) village is also established within Central Park. Here, you can find hotels, restaurants, cafes, and notably, the hanok hotel Kyungwonjae Ambassador, which opened in May 2015.

“Incheon Songdo Central Park, Water Leisure”

At Songdo Central Park, you can enjoy water leisure activities. You can board boats from East Boat House, located on the east side of Songdo Central Park, across from POSCO Tower. There are three types of boats available, each with a 30-minute ride time and varying costs. (Prices for children apply to those under 8 years old.)

  • Family Boat: KRW 42,000 (6 passengers, 5 adults, 1 child)
  • Gurumi Boat: KRW 38,000 (5 passengers, 4 adults, 1 child)
  • Moon Boat: KRW 38,000 (3 passengers) (Couples with 2 or fewer people: KRW 30,000)

Water leisure activities at East Boat House operate from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

“East Boat House Cafe”

On the second floor of East Boat House, where you can board boats, you can also find a café. On clear days, it’s especially nice to spend time outdoors enjoying the view of Songdo Central Park. However, on weekends, it can be challenging to find a seat, as it’s not only frequented by Songdo residents but also by nearby residents.

Incheon Songdo Central Park is selected as one of the “100 Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Korea” for Koreans. If you’re visiting Incheon Songdo, it’s a place you shouldn’t miss.

“Central Park Parking Lot”

A parking lot is available underground at Songdo Central Park. The parking fee is relatively low at KRW 1,000 per hour.

In the past, Psy’s music video for “Gangnam Style” gained worldwide popularity, and the underground parking lot of Central Park in Songdo appeared in it. This is where Psy and Yoo Jae-suk, dressed flamboyantly, danced.

“Incheon Songdo, Central Park”

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