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Original Aunt’s Boiled Pork Restaurant near Seoul Regional Military Manpower Office in Singil, Seoul

In Singil, Seoul, near the Seoul Regional Military Manpower Office, you can find a restaurant district. While there may not be a large number of restaurants, they are clustered around the intersection in front of the Navy Headquarters.

Furthermore, with the relatively recent addition of the Seoul Metro Line 2 extension, the “Seoul Regional Military Manpower Office Station,” the area has become even more vibrant.

“Since 1994, Original Aunt’s Boiled Pork”

Across from the Seoul Regional Military Manpower Office, there is a restaurant with a long history. It’s the well-established “Original Aunt’s Boiled Pork” restaurant, which has been in operation since as far back as 1994.

Thanks to this, it may hold cherished memories for some. The restaurant opened its doors in 1994, and as of the time of writing in 2023, it has stood its ground for nearly 30 years. This spans a significant period from childhood into adulthood.

“Menu includes Boiled Pork, Intestine Hot Pot, Dumpling Hot Pot, Knife-Cut Noodles, Dumpling Soup, Rice Cake Dumpling Soup, Potato Pancake, and more”

The menu at Original Aunt’s Boiled Pork offers a variety of options. Alongside the signature “Boiled Pork,” they also serve dishes like Intestine Hot Pot, Dumpling Hot Pot, Knife-Cut Noodles, Dumpling Soup, Rice Cake Dumpling Soup, and Potato Pancake.

For individual items, Knife-Cut Noodles are priced at 7,000 KRW, while Potato Pancake is 9,000 KRW. When dining individually on these a la carte items, the prices are quite reasonable.

As for the Boiled Pork, the “Large” size is 35,000 KRW, the “Medium” size is 30,000 KRW, and the “Small” size is 25,000 KRW, making it relatively affordable compared to other dishes on the menu.

“Knife-Cut Noodles: 7,000 KRW, Potato Pancake: 9,000 KRW”

On this day, I visited for a simple lunch. Ordering the signature Boiled Pork felt a bit too much for a light lunch, so I opted for the Knife-Cut Noodles and Potato Pancake. The Knife-Cut Noodles are 7,000 KRW per serving, while the Potato Pancake is 9,000 KRW per serving.

Usually, when you order an individual item like Knife-Cut Noodles, you receive a small bowl of the cooked dish, as it’s typical to serve it in individual portions. However, here, even when ordering just a single portion, it’s presented like a hot pot. The broth is provided separately, and you can cook the noodles on the spot. It was a pleasant surprise to have a full spread, even for a single serving.

“The ambiance exudes a nostalgic atmosphere”

The interior of the restaurant exudes a nostalgic ambiance. This serves as evidence of its long history.

For those who have known this place since childhood, the unchanged atmosphere may feel even more endearing. It’s a comfortable place to dine, allowing you to enjoy your meal without any sense of pressure.

“Seoul Singil, Original Aunt’s Boiled Pork”

  • Address: 580-1 Gamasan-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
  • Phone Number: 02-841-1515