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One Punch Man’s Protagonist ‘Saitama’s Exercise Routine’

One Punch Man, a Japanese anime, falls into the superhero genre of comics. The story is simple: it depicts the life of the hero Saitama, who is so strong that he defeats any opponent with a single punch.

The appearance of the protagonist, Saitama, in the series may seem ordinary, but in reality, his combat abilities are immense. Unlike other typical comics or animations, this series gained popularity due to its absurd premise.

“Saitama’s Exercise Routine in One Punch Man”

How did Saitama, the protagonist of One Punch Man, become so powerful? He explains it in the series as follows:

  • Push-ups: 100 repetitions
  • Sit-ups: 100 repetitions
  • Squats: 100 repetitions
  • Running: 10 kilometers

He stated that he performs these four exercises every day. Interestingly, this method also appeared in the Korean webtoon “Solo Leveling.”

Squats, which can be considered a core lower-body exercise, yield significant results even without the need for equipment. If done daily, it leads to well-toned thighs.

Push-ups, depending on the form, target different areas, but overall, they help to train the upper body, including the shoulders, arms, and chest.

Sit-ups are excellent for training the abdominal muscles. Nowadays, to avoid the risk of back injury, it’s recommended to do partial sit-ups, where you lift your upper body partially to apply pressure to the abs.

Lastly, running is considered one of the best aerobic exercises. It provides a balanced workout for various parts of the body.

“Can Doing Just These Exercises Make You as Powerful as Saitama?”

Of course, doing only these exercises won’t make you as powerful as Saitama. This exercise routine seems to emphasize improving stamina rather than building strength.

If you want to build muscle and increase strength, it’s better to combine a high-protein diet with heavier weightlifting. From this perspective, it may be unrealistic to expect this exercise routine to grant the kind of strength that Saitama possesses.

“However, Can the Average Person Follow Saitama’s Exercise Routine Every Day?”

That being said, these exercises are by no means easy. For the average person, doing 100 push-ups or squats is no small feat. Even running 10 kilometers daily is a challenge. While someone might manage to complete this routine for a day or two, doing it every day would likely be physically demanding due to the body’s need for recovery.

“Any Exercise is Better Than None”

Exercise is also about forming a habit. Even if you do a little bit of exercise every day, your health is likely to improve. Whether it’s just 10 minutes or even one minute a day, it’s better than doing nothing at all.

Regardless of the quantity, if you can sustain daily exercise, your body will gradually improve. Adjusting the amount and quality of exercise to match the pace of gradual improvement can lead to a healthier body.

From this perspective, it’s advisable to follow Saitama’s exercise routine, even if it may not seem as effective as doing nothing at all.

“Aiming for a Healthier 2023…”

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019, outdoor activities were restricted for a while, and I couldn’t exercise at all, which led to a significant deterioration in my health. I even reached my highest weight ever.

Fortunately, I’ve now changed my eating habits and adjusted my daily routine, and I’m gradually returning to my normal weight. (I’ve lost about 10 kg from my highest weight.)

Now, my goal is to regain my previous level of fitness by exercising diligently every day. In 2023, I’ll make an effort to turn it into a year of recovering what was lost due to COVID-19.