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Namba, Osaka – Hamburg Steak “Toyotei”

In the 7th floor dining area of Takashimaya Department Store in Namba, Osaka, you can find a variety of restaurants clustered together. We decided to have dinner here during our evening in Osaka, and among the choices, we opted for a restaurant called “Toyotei.”

“Toyotei” can be read as “Dongyangjeong” in our Korean-style Chinese characters, but in Japanese pronunciation, it is read as “Toyotei.”

“Osaka Namba, a Hamburg Steak specialty restaurant with over 100 years of history”

Toyotei boasts an impressive history of over 120 years. Being a Western-style restaurant with such a long-standing tradition, the interior ambiance was tastefully decorated in a classic style reminiscent of the Taisho era.

The menu included an original hamburger steak that has been a signature dish for 100 years, and we all decided to order it as a set.

“Tomato Appetizer”

While waiting for our order, tomatoes were served as an appetizer. Accompanied by tuna salad and drizzled with sauce, it was a unique dish that we hadn’t tried elsewhere, providing both visual and culinary enjoyment.

It was interesting to see how tomatoes could be creatively incorporated into a dish.

“Hamburg Steak stacked on silver foil”

After enjoying the tomatoes, the main course arrived. It was a Hamburg Steak neatly stacked on silver foil—a visual that might be familiar from somewhere. I recalled a similar visual from my first trip to Tokyo in 2018 when I had a similar dish at a restaurant called “Tsubame Grill” in Shinagawa.

Once again, we used a fork and knife to open the silver foil, revealing a well-cooked steak. The foil packaging ensured a clean and appetizing presentation of the steak.

Grilled potatoes were also provided and proved to be delicious.

Given its long history, the restaurant exuded a sophisticated atmosphere, evident not only in the food but also in the service and interior.

Toyotei can be found in the 7th-floor dining area of Takashimaya Department Store in Namba, Osaka.

“Osaka Namba Takashimaya Department Store, Toyotei”

  • Address: Japan, 〒542-8510 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Namba, 5 Chome−1−5 Namba Dining Maison 7th Floor, Takashimaya
  • Phone: +81-50-5870-0450
  • Business Hours: 11:00 – 22:00
  • Website: touyoutei.co.jp