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N Seoul Tower Seen from Jangchung Gymnasium (Photo)

N Seoul Tower stands as an iconic symbol of Seoul. While the title of the tallest tower now belongs to Lotte World Tower in Jamsil, N Seoul Tower continues to hold a special place in the hearts of Seoulites as a symbolic landmark of the city.

As you look around the vicinity of Namsan in Seoul, N Seoul Tower comes into view. It’s always a pleasant sight to unexpectedly catch a glimpse of N Seoul Tower.

“N Seoul Tower Viewed from Jangchung Gymnasium”

Walking along Dasan Seonggwak-gil in Seoul, I arrived in front of Jangchung Gymnasium. As I enjoyed the view without any particular expectations, N Seoul Tower came into sight.

It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to spot N Seoul Tower, a symbol of Seoul, from various locations around Namsan. This time, I happened to come face to face with N Seoul Tower by chance, so I decided to capture it in a photo.