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McDonald’s Songdo GSDT Branch in Incheon, Korea

McDonald’s is a prominent multinational fast-food franchise that originated in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It is synonymous with fast-food hamburgers and has become a trademark symbolizing American capitalism and globalization, alongside Coca-Cola and Apple.

With a global presence, McDonald’s has had a tremendous impact on the world economy, to the extent of creating the concept of the “Big Mac Index” to calculate purchasing power based on the price of their menu item, the “Big Mac.”

“McDonald’s Songdo GSDT Branch in Incheon”

You can find a McDonald’s branch in Songdo, a new city in Incheon. It is located between Incheon National University Station and Knowledge Information Town Station. The nearest subway station would be “Incheon National University Station,” and it can be found just across from the starting point of Michuhol Park.

The McDonald’s Songdo Branch is a two-story establishment, with a Starbucks on the left and a gas station on the right. Being located in Songdo, this branch is relatively spacious.

The store spans two floors. When I visited early in the morning, the second floor was closed, so I only stayed on the first floor.

“Open 24 Hours”

Since McDonald’s operates 24 hours a day, it’s a great place to have a meal early in the morning. In particular, the McMorning set is a menu item available only in the morning, making it a great option for a breakfast visit.

“Taste the McMorning Set in the Morning”

Personally, I enjoy the McMorning set, which is available in the morning. It includes a muffin, hash browns, and a warm coffee, providing a light start to the day.

On this day, I had an early appointment in Songdo, so I visited in the early hours, enjoying the McMorning set while spending time. If you’re unsure about where to dine when visiting a new place, it’s a good choice.

“Incheon Songdo: McDonald’s Songdo GSDT Branch”

  • Address: 128 Harmony Road, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon (Postal Code: 21998)
  • Operating Hours: 24 Hours
  • Phone Number: 070-7209-0962
  • Website: www.mcdonalds.co.kr