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Cafe & Drama Filming Location at Sangsu Station: Minamdang & Baebaekko

The drama “Minamdang” aired on KBS in 2022. It was a weekday drama consisting of a total of 18 episodes. “Minamdang” is a drama based on a web novel titled “Minamdang Incident Notes,” which won an award in the KakaoPage competition.

The drama follows the story of a former profiler who becomes a shaman scammer and is set against the backdrop of a cafe called “Minamdang.”

“Cafe Spots at Sangsu Station: Minamdang & Baebaekko”

The cafe that served as the backdrop for “Minamdang” in the drama can actually be found near Sangsu Station. Located along the Sangsu Station cafe street, the cafe’s exterior exudes a vibrant atmosphere that’s hard to miss.

Other stores around Sangsu Station also have eye-catching interiors and exteriors, radiating a hip vibe that the “MZ generation” would appreciate.

“A Large Cafe on the 2nd Floor”

The store spans two floors. You can also spot stairs leading up to the third floor, which seems to lead to the rooftop. However, since I visited in winter, it wasn’t feasible to spend time outdoors, so I only explored up to the second floor.

The first floor has a counter for ordering and various props on display, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of the props used in the drama. There’s also a piano available for those skilled in playing.

On the second floor, you’ll find even more seating. It’s a great place to take your ordered coffee, beverages, and snacks from the first floor to enjoy some leisurely time. There’s also a terrace outdoors, making it perfect for savoring the view on a nice day.

“Famous for Their Donuts: Minamdang”

You can also enjoy a variety of donuts at Minamdang. It’s known for its delicious donuts. Although I had a hearty lunch that day and didn’t order any donuts, I thought that if I were to visit again, I’d definitely want to try them.

Overall, it’s a clean and uniquely designed space, making it a great place to capture photos for Instagram.

“Cafe at Sangsu Station: Minamdang”

  • Address: 15-gil 25, Dokmak-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 02-6013-7874
  • Operating Hours: (Daily) 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM