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McDonald’s Gangnam Samseong Drive-Thru Store in Seoul Seonjeongneung

McDonald’s is a prominent multinational fast-food franchise that originated in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It has become an iconic symbol of American capitalism and globalization, often synonymous with fast-food hamburgers, alongside brands like Coca-Cola and Apple.

With a global presence, McDonald’s wields significant influence on the world economy, to the extent of creating a concept known as the “Big Mac Index,” which calculates prices based on its signature menu item, the “Big Mac.”

“Is McDonald’s a Real Estate Company?”

In 1974, a lecture by McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc was held at the University of Texas. After the lecture, Ray asked the students, “What business do you think I’m in?” The students responded with laughter, thinking it was a joke, saying he was in the hamburger business. To this, Ray stated, “You’re wrong. I’m not in the hamburger business, I’m in the real estate business.”

In reality, McDonald’s, as a single corporation, owns the most real estate worldwide. While known for selling hamburgers to the public for profit, it is also a company engaged in real estate operations.

“McDonald’s Gangnam Samseong Drive-Thru Store”

You can find McDonald’s in major cities around the world, and in Gangnam, you can find several McDonald’s locations. The one I visited is the Gangnam Samseong Drive-Thru Store, located near Seonjeongneung Station. Getting there is straightforward. Come out of Exit 3 of Seonjeongneung Station and walk down the slope a bit, and you’ll find it.

This store provides a drive-thru service, making it easily recognizable even from a distance. Thanks to this feature, you can see people ordering food from their cars and leaving with their orders.

“A Two-Story Establishment”

The Gangnam Samseong Drive-Thru Store is a two-story establishment. You can place your order through a kiosk or at the counter on the first floor, and dine on the second floor. Of course, there are also some seating options on the first floor for dining, but given the ample space on the second floor, that would be a preferable choice.

The store is relatively spacious, and the building itself has a relatively new appearance, exuding a clean atmosphere. Particularly, there were many people dining on the second floor. If you were visiting alone, you could enjoy your meal by the window, taking in the view outside.

Overall, it’s a reliable place for a quick meal. It’s a great option when you want to taste the consistent quality of McDonald’s food worldwide.

“Seoul Gangnam, McDonald’s Gangnam Samseong Drive-Thru Store”