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Kyobo Bookstore Hapjeong Branch: A Bookstore in Seoul’s Hapjeong Area

Kyobo Bookstore is the largest bookstore in South Korea, offering a wide selection of domestic and foreign books. It’s known for being the largest bookstore in South Korea, with both online and offline operations.

You can find Kyobo Bookstore in major cities, including Seoul. In Seoul, you can find it not only at the main Gwanghwamun branch but also in prominent areas like Gangnam. In Hapjeong, you can find it connected to Hapjeong Station in the underground area called Delight Square.

“Kyobo Bookstore, the Largest Bookstore in South Korea: Hapjeong Branch”

Kyobo Bookstore Hapjeong Branch is known as one of the largest Kyobo Bookstores in South Korea. It is divided into two sections: Delight Square Building A and B.

“A Building A, Focusing on Art and Travel”

The Kyobo Bookstore in Building A centers around themes such as art, travel, and hobbies. Unlike a space decorated with practical themes, it exudes an artistic atmosphere. While Building B focuses on educational materials and practical books, Building A offers a unique atmosphere with special and distinctive books, artworks, and art-related items not commonly found in typical large bookstores.

“A Building B, with a General and Practical Atmosphere”

Kyobo Bookstore in Building B offers a completely different atmosphere compared to Building A. It is much larger in scale than Building A and features a selection of general books, novels, educational materials, and practical books.

Additionally, right next to the entrance, there is an area displaying “comics” books.

In the past, it used to emit softer lighting compared to other Kyobo Bookstores. However, after COVID-19, the space where you can sit and read books has decreased significantly, and the atmosphere, including the lighting, seems to have changed a bit.

There’s also a kids’ zone on one side, but due to the low birth rate, I hardly saw any children. Instead, it was filled with adults occupying seats and engrossed in reading.

“Kyobo Hottracks”

Hottracks, a space within Kyobo Bookstore that sells stationery and other miscellaneous goods, can be found in the “B” section. Here, you can find various items like stationery, daily necessities, accessories, computers, and mobile phones. While it’s a bookstore, it also deals with general merchandise that you wouldn’t normally find in a bookstore.

“Order from Kyobo Bookstore Online”

You can also order from Kyobo Bookstore online, in addition to visiting their physical stores. Through online ordering, you can have books delivered to your doorstep, or you can visit the store through the “Barodim” service.

The Barodim service started on May 26, 2009. One advantage is that you can receive books at a lower price compared to having them delivered, as there’s no delivery fee. If you’re near the bookstore, you can pick up the books once they’re ready. Utilizing the Barodim service can lead to even more cost-effective purchases compared to buying books directly from the store.

Visiting Kyobo Bookstore allows you to grasp the recent trends in the bookstore industry. Not only can you understand trends in the bookstore industry, but you can also gain insights into what topics people are currently interested in.

Of course, if you need to purchase specific books, you should definitely visit the store. However, even if you don’t have specific books in mind, it’s a great place to visit to stay updated on the latest trends and more.

“Kyobo Bookstore Hapjeong Branch, Seoul”

  • Address: Delight Square 1st Complex, B1, 2nd Complex, B1, 14 World Cup-ro 3-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 1544-1900
  • Operating Hours: (Daily) 10:30 – 22:00
  • Website: Kyobo Bookstore