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Gogabin Curry House, an Indian Curry Specialty Restaurant in Gwanghwamun

In the Gwanghwamun area, you can find a variety of restaurants. This central area, surrounded by high-rise buildings, mainly caters to office workers, offering quick and light dining options.

Heading towards the back of Kyunghee Palace Morning Apartments, in the direction of Seonggok Art Museum, you’ll come across an area with slightly more atmosphere.

“Gogabin, an Indian Curry Specialty Restaurant in Gwanghwamun”

Gogabin is another restaurant you can find in this area. The building housing Gogabin hosts various restaurants: on the basement level, there’s a Western-style restaurant called Gyeongdon, the first floor houses a salad specialty restaurant, and the second floor features a noodle soup specialty restaurant. Gogabin is located on the third floor.

“A Restaurant Specializing in Indian Curry”

The menu at Gogabin revolves around Indian curry. It’s different from the Korean and Japanese curries we commonly encounter. Since it’s based on Indian cuisine, you can also order “naan,” similar to Indian bread, to enjoy alongside your Indian curry.

Moreover, you can also find the traditional Indian beverage “lassi,” which is usually exclusive to Indian cuisine restaurants.

“A Place to Enjoy Various Indian Dishes Based on Curry”

At Gogabin, you can savor a variety of Indian dishes based on curry. On this visit, I intended to order a dish called “Cheolpan Rib Curry.” Unfortunately, when I arrived in the evening, I was informed that this menu item had already sold out during lunch.

I had no choice but to order something else. This time, I ordered Shrimp Spinach Curry and Pasta Curry. Feeling like it might be a bit insufficient with just that, I added sweet potato toppings, chicken toppings, and ordered plain naan.

Even though I consider myself a big eater, the portions were surprisingly generous. Also, if you find that you need more, you can request refills of curry and rice once per person.

In terms of price, you can expect to pay around 15,000 KRW per person. Of course, if you add toppings, the cost will be slightly higher. It came out to about 35,000 KRW for two people.

“A Clean and Subtly Lit Atmosphere”

The store isn’t very spacious, but it exudes a clean atmosphere. Especially in the evening, the interior, adorned with subtle lighting, creates a comfortable and sophisticated ambiance.

While it may not be the ideal spot for an entirely luxurious dining experience, it’s a suitable place to create an atmosphere that’s comfortable and not too formal.

“Gogabin Curry House, Gwanghwamun, Seoul”

  • Address: 3rd Floor, 7 Kyunghee-gung 2-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 02-722-2224
  • Operating Hours: (Daily) 11:30 – 21:20 (Closed Daily 15:00 – 17:00)
  • Instagram: Link to Instagram