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Jeju Island’s Largest White Sand Beach: Pyoseon Beach

Given that Jeju Island is an island, it’s only natural to find numerous beaches to explore. Among them, Pyoseon Beach stands out, particularly known for its beautiful white sandy shore.

“Jeju Island’s Largest White Sand Beach”

Pyoseon Beach boasts an extensive white sandy shore, covering a total area of 250,000 square meters, with the beach itself spanning 160,000 square meters. It holds the distinction of being Jeju Island’s largest white sand beach. Additionally, the water depth is relatively shallow, making it an ideal beach for children to enjoy.

“Pyoseon Beach in the Rain”

Unfortunately, when we visited Pyoseon Beach, it was raining. While I couldn’t help but imagine the stunning views I could have enjoyed while strolling along the white sand beach on a better day, there was a certain charm to the rainy scenery.

However, aside from the rain, the wind was blowing quite strongly, making it somewhat challenging to walk around. Although I had an umbrella, it was of little use given the weather conditions.

Despite the rainy weather, I could still see people spending time on the beach. They were true adventurers who knew how to enjoy the beach even in such conditions.

“If the Weather Permits, a Perfect Spot to Enjoy Jeju Island’s Scenic Views”

On a clear day, Pyoseon Beach is undoubtedly an excellent spot to relish Jeju Island’s breathtaking views. It’s worth noting that there’s ample parking available in the vicinity, making it accessible for campers exploring Jeju Island.

Thanks to this, Pyoseon Beach is a well-known destination not only for beachgoers but also for those traveling in campervans, further solidifying its status as a prominent attraction in Jeju Island.

“Pyoseon Beach, Jeju Island”

  • Address: Pyoseon-ri, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
  • Phone: 064-760-4992