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Inflames Toys “Guan Yu & Hua Tuo Figure”

There are several companies that manufacture figures, but the company “Inflames Toys” stands out for its exceptional quality, albeit at a higher price.

One figure that has gained attention online is the “Guan Yu Figure.”

“2018 Shanghai Comic Con Limited Edition: Guan Yu Figure”

The figure that caused a sensation on the internet depicts a scene where Guan Yu receives treatment from Hua Tuo. This product was released as a limited edition for the 2018 Shanghai Comic Con.

“A Scene of Guan Yu Healing under Hua Tuo’s Care”

This artwork portrays the scene of Guan Yu receiving healing from Hua Tuo. In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Guan Yu is struck by a poisoned arrow, and as he passes by, he entrusts his treatment to Hua Tuo. Even while receiving treatment, he is calmly playing a game of go. The figure captures this detailed scene excellently, but be aware that the price is not budget-friendly.

As it is a limited edition product, you can now find it on eBay. The price on eBay is still quite substantial.

  • eBay “Guan Yu & Hua Tuo Figure”: Link