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Incheon Open Port Street: “Incheon Open Port Museum”

Incheon Open Port Street, steeped in a long history, naturally preserves various historical sites. Some buildings have undergone remodeling and now serve as museums or exhibition spaces. Among these places, the Incheon Open Port Museum is one such location.

“Remodeled from the Old Japan First Bank Building: Incheon Open Port Museum”

The Incheon Open Port Museum encapsulates the history of Incheon’s port by remodeling the old Japan First Bank building. Four permanent exhibition rooms showcase artifacts from the period between the port’s opening in 1883 and the onset of Japanese annexation in 1910. Situated at the heart of Incheon’s port history, the museum allows visitors to learn about the diverse aspects of modern culture introduced through the opening of the port, portraying the facets of modern Incheon after its opening.

“Introduction to Incheon Open Port Museum”

Here is an introduction to the Incheon Open Port Museum:

  • Exhibition Room 1 is the main exhibition hall, featuring selected representative modern cultural artifacts introduced through Incheon Harbor after its opening in 1883.
  • Exhibition Room 2 is a thematic exhibition hall displaying materials related to the Korean railway history, primarily focusing on relics and documents related to Korea’s first railroad, the Gyeongin Line.
  • Exhibition Room 3 is a thematic exhibition hall that recreates the street scenery around Incheon Open Port during its opening period, allowing visitors to take commemorative photos against the backdrop of the port’s landscape.
  • Exhibition Room 4 utilizes the former bank’s safe to create a thematic exhibition space showcasing the financial institutions of the opening era and related materials about Incheon’s transition.

Remodeled from the Japanese First Bank building, an architectural marvel in Renaissance style, this central dome-shaped structure allows visitors to experience the charm and beauty of modern architecture simultaneously. It is conveniently located about 10 minutes from Incheon Station Exit 1, heading towards Chinatown, adjacent to the Incheon Open Port Modern Architecture Exhibition Hall.

“Sights at Incheon Open Port Museum”

The museum offers various attractions, including a photo zone that reproduces the appearance of Incheon Open Port Street, found within the museum.

“The First Mail Carrier Statue”

You can also find a statue depicting the first mail carrier, located outside the building. This statue complements the dignified atmosphere of the former “Japanese First Bank building,” currently housing the Incheon Open Port Museum.

“Admission Fee”

The admission fee is 500 KRW for adults. Integrated tickets are available for multiple museums, allowing visitors to explore several places at once. With the purchase of a 5-museum integrated ticket, you can access five exhibitions and museums for 3,400 KRW. The five museums include Jajangmyeon Museum, Daebul Hotel Exhibition Hall & Jung-gu Life History Exhibition Hall, Korea-China Museum & Incheon Chinese Expatriate History Museum, Modern Architecture Exhibition Hall, and Incheon Open Port Museum.

“Incheon Open Port Street, Incheon Open Port Museum”