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Gwanghwamun, Barley Rice Set Meal at ‘Obong Sikdang’

The Gwanghwamun area in Seoul is a representative office-dense district where you can often see numerous office workers heading out for lunch.

To meet this demand, the underground shopping malls of large buildings in the Gwanghwamun area offer a variety of restaurants.

“Royal Building Underground Shopping Mall, Obong Sikdang”

Obong Sikdang is a restaurant located in the underground shopping mall of the Royal Building in Gwanghwamun. The Royal Building is conveniently located across from Exit 1 of Gwanghwamun Station on Subway Line 5.

In the Royal Building’s underground area, you can find various restaurants, and Obong Sikdang is one of them.

“Barley Rice Set Meal: 10,000 KRW”

Obong Sikdang offers only one menu item, which is the Barley Rice Set Meal, priced at 10,000 KRW per person.

The set includes barley rice, seasoned pork wraps, and Hanwoo (Korean beef) seaweed soup. Various wraps are provided together, allowing for a simple yet hearty meal.

It seems that they have chosen to sell only one menu item, likely to increase the turnover rate of the establishment. This strategy appears to be quite effective.

“A Small Restaurant in the Royal Building Underground”

Obong Sikdang is a small restaurant you can find in the underground shopping mall. However, the store is entirely glass-fronted, so it doesn’t feel cramped. You can see well from both inside and outside, creating an open atmosphere.

It’s a restaurant that can help solve the dilemma of office workers wondering what to eat today.

“Seoul Gwanghwamun, Barley Rice Set Meal at Obong Sikdang”

  • Address: B1F, 19 Saemunan-ro 5-gil, Royal Building, Room 21, Jongno-gu, Seoul