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Gumi E-Mart & Electro Mart Gumi Branch

E-Mart and Electro Mart are large-scale supermarkets operated by the Shinsegae Group. They marked the beginning of large-scale retail stores in South Korea when the first store, Changdong Branch, opened in Chang-dong, Dobong-gu, Seoul on November 12, 1993. Now, they can be found all over the country.

While E-Mart initially started with a focus on selling daily necessities, these days it’s gradually transforming into more of a shopping mall format. Additionally, Electro Mart, a specialty store within E-Mart, is being incorporated into various E-Mart locations.

“E-Mart Available in Gumi”

There are two E-Mart locations in Gumi: Gumi Branch and Donggumi Branch. The difference is that while Gumi Branch has an “Electro Mart,” Donggumi Branch does not. However, Donggumi Branch offers a more spacious and comfortable shopping environment.

“Diverse Electronics at Electro Mart”

Electro Mart is one of the specialty stores within E-Mart. It’s a store specializing in electronic devices with Electroman as its mascot. The store primarily focuses on products catering to male tastes, such as drones and travel accessories.

From computer peripherals like Gundam models, figures, 3D printers, keyboards, and mice to mobile phones and home appliances, you can find a wide range of electronic devices here.

“Store Offering Electronic Products from Apple, Samsung, and More”

Especially noteworthy is the presence of “Ace Store” selling Apple products, “Samsung” selling Samsung products, and various other stores offering a wide range of electronic products.

In particular, Electro Mart displays products for gamers, including keyboards, mice, desks, chairs, and more. It’s impressive to see a large-scale supermarket offering products that were once only available in places like Yongsan.

“Gumi E-Mart & Electro Mart”

E-Mart Gumi Branch is located right next to “Gumi IC.” Around E-Mart Gumi Branch, you can also find “LG Best Shop” and “Lotte Hi-Mart.” If you’re considering purchasing electronic products, you might want to consider Gumi Branch rather than Donggumi Branch.

One of the advantages of this place is that it combines E-Mart with Electro Mart, without a significant difference from other E-Mart locations.

“Gumi: E-Mart Electro Mart Gumi Branch”